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Stacy McCarthy

Stacy McCarthy

Mind, Body & Soul Teacher

Stacy has been a student of Ashtanga yoga since 1992. She has been teaching Workshops and Master Classes since 1998 and has a passion for helping others have a superior life experience physically, mentally & spiritually.

Having been an All American Swimmer and World Champion Athlete, Stacy initially turned to yoga to improve her strength, flexibility and balance. She found the physical changes amazing and the mental & spiritual growth transformational. She received a B.S. in Exercise Science and her teaching credentials in Physical Education from Colorado State University.

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Low Back Pain or Tight Hips?

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Yes, take your shoes off! Stacy shows you how you can use a tennis ball to help release tension starting with your feet and moving up your legs. Acupressure right here at your desk! It works, give it a try!

Try Stacy's "Yoga Body Lean & Defined Total Body Workout"
Great for Beginners and All Levels!

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