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Stephen McGhee

Stephen is an International Speaker, Creator of the Miracle Leader Movement Author of Learning to Believe the Unbelievable – Living Life as a Miracle Leader and an Executive Life & Leadership Coach.

For the past 17 years, Stephen McGhee has been leading senior level executives to go beyond self-imposed limitations to create unreasonable results with his unconventional coaching style. Whether he is guiding executives on a strategic path or helping teams get their groove back, he does it with compassion, and a sense of wisdom and understanding beyond the conventional standards.

One-on-one coaching with Stephen has been referred to as the adventure of a lifetime and may be the most honest and revealing conversations his clients have ever experienced. Stephen has a blend of integrity, a splash of raw realism and an open communication style that allows him to see beyond “what’s on the table” to get to the core of any situation. His work brings extraordinary results into seemingly unsolvable scenarios .

Stephen is an enthusiast in all that he does, but he particularly enjoys climbing mountains, leading adventure trips, skiing, yoga and learning.He lives in the Denver area and is available to work globally.

For more info: www.miracleleader.com

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NEW Book Release: Learning to Believe the Unbelievable By Stephen McGhee
A Powerful Roadmap to Our True Potential

"From birth we are all given the chance to create magic on a blank canvas. Steve's life work thus far has been a masterpiece. This book, in particular, is an inspiration in the truest sense in that it leads us through the steps and pathways to re-connect with our birth-right privilege; of being greater than even our own most miraculous dreams. The discussions on "Stories vs. Realities", the power of "Thoughts", and "Prayer" can be life changing if purposefully applied. If you want a no-nonsense guide to living the life our spirit intends, then this book is a MUST READ. Thank you Stephen."
~Jeffrey Crane
Gilbert, AZ

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