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About Us

Our Story

For 20+ years, we were one of the many “corporate warriors” you see rushing through airports and multi-tasking on our laptops, cell phones and PDAs. We both worked in business development for a handful of high-tech software startup companies and were on call 24-7. We spent our days traveling, meeting sales quotas, sitting in front of computers, running reports and constantly checking our BlackBerries. The amount of e-mails we each got every day was over the national average, and like many of you, we were just dealing with so many issues. Let's face it - we were stressed!

Today, we have a new mission. After luckily getting laid-off, we are following our passion and dreams. We want America to take a break! It is our desire to have office workers, the unemployed, the retired, the social networkers... to take 5 minutes every day to check-out and take care of their health. We have created a library of five-minute videos and blogs featuring experts offering tips on everything from health and wellness, nutrition and diet, to meditation, motivation, humor and beyond.



Sherry Zak Morris, CEO and Co-Founder

Sherry is a Registered Yoga Teacher and came to yoga afters years of computer-related work stress and thousands of dollars in chiropractic bills. She brings her passion for health, community and technology together in Take5Moment. Years of high-tech sales presentations, corporate marketing campaigns and website projects provided a foundation for what now is her passion. She is also the owner of a yoga studio and Executive Producer at www.YogaJourneyProductions.com, producer of short and full length health, wellness and yoga videos.



Gayna Scott, VP of Business Development and Co-Founder

Gayna brings sales and business development expertise via her 20+ years of being a corp warrior. She has experience with both of hi-tech start-ups and working for Fortune 500 companies. Learning to juggle "life" with the pressures of exceeding sales quotas and contributing to bottom line results, keys her into the Take5 audience. Her professional athletic background rounds out understanding the balance needed for both mental & physical well being.


Why This is Important to Us

Take5Moment was developed to meet the needs of the overworked and over-stressed who are limited on time and resources to get the exercise or mental break they need. When stress accumulates, the body's systems weaken causing a myriad of health issues. We have seen way too many of our co-workers and friends over the years suffer the side effects of stress for the sake of "work". Thus, each 5-minute session was created to be done in a chair, in front of a desk, on a couch or wherever one can spare 5 minutes. Presenters from various health and wellness-related fields share their advice on stress-reduction techniques using easy-to-follow movements and/or narratives that will bring about a state of relaxation and rejuvenation, so that one can keep on keeping on.

The Take5Moment Team

Representing a variety of ages, backgrounds and occupations, the Take5Moment Team and our Advisory Panel Experts bring together yoga and physical fitness expertise, physical therapy and chiropractic techniques, movement-based exercises, ergonomics, motivation and meditation combined with internet technology, creative videography and innovative marketing programs to deliver this unique offering that is accessible to everyone.


Our Inspiration

Created and produced by Yoga Journey Productions, the Take5Moment concept was inspired by the late Mary Cavanaugh, Cable-TV yoga instructor. Mary passed away at the age of 85, shortly after she achieved her lifelong dream of recording her own yoga videos. She was a testament to living a life of purpose and passion, which is inherent in each and every one of us.

It is our hope and desire to spark the passion and nurture the seed of creativity, hope and optimism in each and every person that indulges in a Take5Moment.

Remember, if you are doing what you love for a living, you will never have to work a day in your life!


“An Inspiration”, Bill Morrow, California Senator, 38th District