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  Dr. Barbara Cox: Long Hours at Work?
Find ways to avoid conflict and stress at work - especially for those who work long hours where tension is high. Join Dr. Barbara Cox as she guides you through active steps you can take right now, at your desk, to reduce stress.


  Larisa Ostergaard: Yoga, Meditation and Colors
This idea of infusing your life with color, balancing your energy with color and bringing you to your higher self through color is not new, it's as old as the world. It's not even a system, it's simply ....

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  Stacy McCarthy: Take a Yoga Break with Stacy
Don't power through your day like you are running a marathon. Stop, stretch and breathe! Join Stacy as she leads you through a series of yoga stretches using some fun props.

  Sherry Zak Morris: Take Care of your Tools: Your Hands!
What is the most valuable tool that you use every day? Nope, it is not a screwdriver or a wrench - it is your hands! Daily stretches for your fingers, hands, wrists and arms can keep arthritis at bay.

  Jade Butler: Take Time to Twist
Twisting your body is one of the easiest and best ways to release tension in your back. Join Jade as she leads you through twisting safely and comfortably in your chair. Take Time every day to twist!

  Sherry Zak Morris: Take5 Yoga Break TV Interview
XETV l Bay City Television interviews Take5Moment.com CEO, Sherry Zak Morris, on ways desk workers can relieve workday stress right at their desks.

  Marlene Chism: Taking Charge at Work
Miriam, 52, wants to retire with the company in six years but lately she feels like an outsider at work and she perceives this as a threat to her career.