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  Chris Brown: What does a Monkey on your Back really look like?
Humorist extraordinaire, Chris Brown, is back with a video moment everyone can appreciate! Join him as he demonstrates what it truly means to have a "monkey on your back"! Our bad habits will never look the same!


  Andrew Mackey: Efficient Fitness Solutions for Lean Times
Just because the national economy is in a down-phase, doesn’t mean your body and fitness have to plummet as well. Consider this option - an online trainer or coach!

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  Christa Orecchio: Balance Your Meals: The Healthy Way
With all the attention on weight loss in the nutrition world, it’s important to remember there is more to losing weight than simply counting calories.

  Chris Brown: Balancing the Broomstick
Ever thought you could equate life to balancing a broomstick? Tricky at times! But what about if life hands you a sledge hammer or an I-beam to balance? Gain some useful insight from Chris Brown, Humorist Extraordinaire, on how to handle life's challenges.

  Dr. Jay Warren: Be Healthy When Stress Hits
Should we cancel our gym memberships, yoga classes, workouts, family vacations and healthy eating expenses when we are undergoing financial stress?

  Stephen McGhee: Be the President of Your Own Life
Your life is not ruled by who is in the Oval Office. Take 5 minutes and see your life perspective challenged and changed... for the better!

  Jade Butler: Been sitting too long? Get Relief Now!
Moving your hips in various directions increases the flow of synovial fluid in your hip joints, providing relief for tight joints and muscles.