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  Deborah Wilder: Create a Quiet Moment in your Day
Can we find peace and quiet in the midst of our hustle-bustle day? With a little fore-thought, we can! Find ways to escape... for a moment or two!


  Elizabeth Harper: Ground Rules to Ground You
Ever feel drained, but kept on going? Do you dread spending time with someone because they wear you out? Here are a few tips to get your grounded and restored.

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  Dr. Elizabeth Fried: Are you Playing it Safe?
Series #8 - Both men and women are limiting self-expression because they tend to hold themselves back in the fear of losing approval of others or that they’ll be leaving others behind.

  Mary Delmege: Are you putting your Passions on Hold?
Passion and joy are very much like muscles – when you stop exercising them, they tend to atrophy. 

  Dr. Elizabeth Fried: Are you Seeking Validation?
Series #6 - Sometimes we confuse love, which is unconditional and requires nothing in return, with the need to receive something from someone else.

  Dr. Elizabeth Fried: Are you Trying to Force an Outcome?
Series #9 - You heard the term 'control freak'. These people want things done in a particular way or in a particular time frame—'my way or the highway.' They mistakenly believe that they alone have control over what happens in their lives.

  James Knight: Around the Clock - Somatic Hip and Low Back Release
What we may feel as one big block of muscle in our low back and hips is really so many parts and pieces. Sitting too long in one place, this part of our body gets "locked in" and the brain thinks of it as one unit. This sequence "un-thaws" this area to give you flexibility for finer movements that will bring pain relief