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  Sadie Nardini: Handy Dandy Magical Wrist Clear
Been typing too long, or perhaps too many down dogs or push-ups? Follow along with Sadie as she guides you through a simple process to release tension and pain in your wrists. You can do this anywhere!


  Edwige Gilbert: 7 Tips to maintain emotional balance and create joie de vivre…
Joie de vivre (from the French joie, "joy"; de, "of"; vivre, "to live, living"; "the joy of living") is a term sometimes imported into English to express a cheerful enjoyment of life; an exultation of spirit. Find it!

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  Dr. Ray Angelini: Strengthen your Character and Achieve Your Goals
The biggest problem that I encounter with my clients in goal-setting is that they are most often too focused on setting external goals such as losing weight, making more money, etc.

  Rose Zahnn: Strengthen your Core while Working
Join Rose Zahnn, the creator of PilatesFit, as she leads you through simple yet effective exercises to strengthen and tone your core.

  Mary Louise Muller M.Ed., RCST, RPP: Stress Buster Energy Exercises - the Owl
Caution fast-movers: This is a slow moving, stress-releasing exercise to release tension in your neck, shoulders, chest and upper back. Slow down, it is worth it!

  Garry Alesio: Stretches for Sciatic Health
Learn how to relieve sciatic pain through these standing forward stretches. Focusing in on the hamstrings and lower back, you can bring awareness and healing to these areas.

  Garry Alesio: Stretches to Unwind at your Desk
Take a 5-minute break and join Garry Alesio, Anusara-Inspired Hatha Yoga Teacher, as he walks you through proper postural alignment at your desk. Enjoy stretching and twisting to relieve tightness in the neck and low back, and come back refreshed and inspired for the work ahead.