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  Deborah Wilder: Trust Your Inner Pharmacy
Have you ever craved something salty, sweet, leafy, crunchy, etc.? Your body knows what it needs - so follow its lead and learn how wise our inner pharmacist really is.


  Dr. Elizabeth Fried: Are you Fearing Change?
Series #7 - People don’t want to change because they think that they can keep things the same all the time to feel safe.

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  Jade Butler: Improve your Breathing with these Stretches
Stay where you are and enjoy these deep side bends and twists in your desk chair. You'll breathe easier and deeper in minutes.

  James Knight: Improve your Game, no matter what Sport
Want a better golf swing, bowling arm, tennis or racquetball motion? You can retrain your body and gain more range of motion with these simple Hanna Somatics exercises.

  Clarky Davis: Inexpensive Ways to Get Fit
Don't have money for a gym membership? Here are 10 tips to pump up your workouts without spending a dime!

  Holly Hill: Insomnia Relief
Did you know that your lifestyle patterns and your bedroom environment affect your sleeping patterns? Learn simple, easy changes and get a good night's rest.

  Dr. Jay Warren: Is it My Head, My Eyes or My Monitor?
If you have headaches or eyestrain towards the end of your work day, your computer monitor may be the culprit. Dr. Jay will open your eyes to a new way of looking at your monitor.