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  Michael Mednick: Stand up and Move Energy in your Lower Body
Tight hamstrings, weak quads, low back tight? Stand up, grab your Med's band and move some energy in your lower body. You will feel better in just 5 minutes.


  Elizabeth Harper: Ground Rules to Ground You
Ever feel drained, but kept on going? Do you dread spending time with someone because they wear you out? Here are a few tips to get your grounded and restored.

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  Garry Alesio: Hamstring Stretches relieve Sciatic Pain
Sitting too long can cause undue pressure on the sciatic nerve. Try these seated and twisting yoga stretches to release that pressure so you feel better and can go on with your day!

  Sadie Nardini: Handy Dandy Magical Wrist Clear
Been typing too long, or perhaps too many down dogs or push-ups? Follow along with Sadie as she guides you through a simple process to release tension and pain in your wrists. You can do this anywhere!

  Reggie Adams: Hard to Get your To-do's done?
Find out if planning or decision making is the weak link with your calendar. Which one of the following statements resonates with you the most?

  Marlene Chism: Have a Guilt Free Holiday
Holidays and Drama go together. Learn the 5 Levels of the Guilt-trip trap and how to escape!

  Garry Alesio: He Died at his Desk
A friend in NY called me to tell me about a guy he knew slightly who was 46 years old and that he had died at his desk while working.