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  James Knight: Somatic Twist for the Upper and Lower Back and Neck
Wring out tension and stress with this slow, methodical supine twist. Close your eyes and go inward to explore the gentle release with every movement,calming your nervous system. Guided by Hanna Somatics expert, James Knight, find more freedom of movement in your back, shoulders and neck


  Nanice Ellis: 10 Tips to Personal and Professional Success
Capsulized in a succinct and logical way - Business Coach Nanice Ellis gives us useful tips to achieve success in whatever we desire.

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  Stacy McCarthy: Low Back Pain or Tight Hips?
Yes, take your shoes off! Stacy shows you how you can use a tennis ball to help release tension starting with your feet and moving up your legs. Acupressure right here at your desk! It works, give it a try!

  Dr. Jay Warren: Make Friends with your Keyboard and Mouse
Did you know that Carpal Tunnel symptoms are most commonly caused by poor keyboard placement? Dr. Jay shares useful tips to ease your wrist joints.

  Barbara R. Metzler: Making a Difference in the World - Can You?
Barbara Metzler, Author of Passionaries shares some inspiring stories how every day people can change the world - one person at a time.

  Dr. Ray Angelini: Making peace with money key to coping with tough economy
It seems that no matter how hard we try, it is almost impossible to escape worries about money. Here are some basic guidelines as to how to deal peaceably with money.

  Jade Butler: Making Space - Seated Yoga Stretches
Enjoy this wonderful series of easy, seated stretches led by Gentle Yoga Instructor, Jade Butler. Relieve tension in your neck, back and upper body.