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  Jade Butler: Finding Strength for Your Day
Got a hard day ahead? Lots of to-do's on the list? Take some time to focus and find your inner strength. Then let the day begin!


  Dr. Elizabeth Fried: Are you Seeking Validation?
Series #6 - Sometimes we confuse love, which is unconditional and requires nothing in return, with the need to receive something from someone else.

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  Deborah Wilder: What is a Sanctuary?
When you create your home as a sanctuary, it reminds you that you belong to the earth... to the natural rhythms that harmonize our lives.

  Judy Martin: What is a Work Life Nation?
We’re more connected, and our workplace is evolving, entrepreneurs abound and many work from home. Be it baby boomer, Gen X or Gen Y, many thirst for more meaningful work, but demand more family and me time. The lines have blurred in the quest for success, serenity and significance in our worklife.

  Michael Bamba and Eric Cuestas-Thompson: What is Feng Shui?
You've heard the word on those Home Makeover Shows, but what does it mean for your home and work space?

  Andrew Mackey: What is Holistic Fitness?
To be fit...at the end of the day, it isn’t just about having a chiseled abdominal 6-pack folks! Delete those misleading infomercials from your mind.

  James Knight: What is Somatics?
Do you ever notice people's postures standing in a grocery line? Hunched over, sway backed, or leaning to one side. Most likely, their life patterns, movements and even occupations have imprinted on their bodies. Try these Hanna Somatics exercises to realign your body!