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  Lisette Hart: Practical Anatomy: Low Back and Hips Basics
What is causing your low back pain? Is it your hamstrings? Is it your posture? Is it your repetitive movement patterns? Learn the basics of low back and hip movements with this practical anatomy lesson.


  Loren M. Gelberg-Goff: Can you Trust your Intuition?
How do you know what your next steps are supposed to be? Can you trust what your heart, gut &/or intuition tell you they are? Are you ready to face yourself and your life with a new and different attitude?

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  Christa Orecchio: Snacking is Good for You
Don't feel guilty about snacking - it is one of the healthiest things you can do. From salty, to crunchy to sweet - what you choose makes the difference.

  Stephanie Zito: Somatic Movements to Exercise Your Brain
Ever feel stuck in a rut? Want to get out of your comfort zone and don't know how? Maybe your left-brain (the organized, linear side of ourselves) is too much in control. Try these movements to work both sides of your brain to find better balance in your life.

  James Knight: Somatic Relief for a Tight IT Ban
A common complaint of Runners is a tight IT Ban which is the myofascial connective tissue that runs along the outside of your thigh. But, even Deskworkers can experience this tightness after sitting too long. Here's an effective way to release - the Somatic way!

  James Knight: Somatic Relief for the Quadratus Lumborum (QL)
Most of back complaints are because of tight QLs and/or Sciatica. Somatic Relief to the rescue to release tension and bring fluidity and range of motion into your low back. As with all gentle somatic yoga movements, this sequence is an inward journey.

  James Knight: Somatic Twist for the Upper and Lower Back and Neck
Wring out tension and stress with this slow, methodical supine twist. Close your eyes and go inward to explore the gentle release with every movement,calming your nervous system. Guided by Hanna Somatics expert, James Knight, find more freedom of movement in your back, shoulders and neck