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  Sujantra McKeever: Qualities of the Heart Transform your Life
Your thoughts and emotions swirl around in your heart and mind, some good and some not so good. Learn how to replace feelings of sadness, anger and unforgiveness in your heart with this third principle of meditation.


  Andrew Mackey: Efficient Fitness Solutions for Lean Times
Just because the national economy is in a down-phase, doesn’t mean your body and fitness have to plummet as well. Consider this option - an online trainer or coach!

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  Stacy McCarthy: Religion, Spirituality and Yoga
Are you afraid that doing yoga would go against your religion? There is an assumption that because of the use of Sanskrit words, chanting or the study of ancient yogic texts that yoga has a religious affiliation, but ...

  Eric Hilliard: Resolutions - Making them Work This Time Around
Certified Personal Trainer, Eric Hilliard, outlines the 5 Key Ingredients to a successful fitness resolution. Using the S.M.A.R.T. Program, you can believe and succeed in any goals you set.

  Mary Delmege: Resolving Conflict in a Fair and Practical Way
Learn tools to help resolve disputes in ongoing relationships such as co-workers, neighbors and family members. Join Mediator, Mary Delmege, as she discusses ways to live more peacefully together.

  Alón Sagee: Rest -- the Bane of the Entrepreneur
Chances are, if you're a business owner, you are ultimately responsible for running the business. Did you ever notice that we call it running a business? To a degree, that in itself points to the unbalanced work ethic...

  Jade Butler: Revitalize with Forward Bends
Feel the rush! Bring more blood and oxygen into your brain with some invigorating forward bends at your desk. Great for that creative project you have on your plate!