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  Phil & EJ Kinnison: Come Sail Away!
Visual imagery is one of the most profound ways to transport your mind, heart and spirit into a different place. Take one minute to escape to Puerto Vallarta on the Brier Patch Sailing Yacht and feel the wind in your hair!


  Sherry Zak Morris: Top 4 Reasons People Dont Do Yoga
When people find out I am a yoga teacher, I somehow bring out the guilt in them and they share with me the reasons why they don't do yoga, or at least...not now. Here are the top four comments I hear:

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  Beth Shaw: Release Tension at your Desk with YogaFit
If you work at the computer for hours on end, chances are your shoulders are tight, your back is stiff and your neck aches. Take time right now to breathe and stretch!

  Julia Tanner Ivanovna: Release Tension in the Joints of your Arms
Been working too long? Feeling a bit sluggish? Time for your Stretch Break! Stand up and enjoy these easy and effective stretches for all the joints in your arms.

  Jade Butler: Releasing Hip Tension relieves your Back
Did you know that Tight Hips are a major culprit of back pain? Try the Pigeon stretch and feel better in minutes!

  Stacy McCarthy: Religion, Spirituality and Yoga
Are you afraid that doing yoga would go against your religion? There is an assumption that because of the use of Sanskrit words, chanting or the study of ancient yogic texts that yoga has a religious affiliation, but ...

  Eric Hilliard: Resolutions - Making them Work This Time Around
Certified Personal Trainer, Eric Hilliard, outlines the 5 Key Ingredients to a successful fitness resolution. Using the S.M.A.R.T. Program, you can believe and succeed in any goals you set.