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  Jade Butler: Making Space - Seated Yoga Stretches
Enjoy this wonderful series of easy, seated stretches led by Gentle Yoga Instructor, Jade Butler. Relieve tension in your neck, back and upper body.


  Guest Presenter: Are you a Helicopter Parent?
Helicopter parents are those who hover over their children, swooping in to fight their battles and make their decisions for them. ... this may prevent their children from gaining experience in handling life’s challenges.

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  Missy Costello: Recharge, Renew & Restore – Why cleanse??
Diet or Cleanse? If you really want to change your life, your health and your well-being, either kick-start it by participating in a cleanse or make small changes on a daily basis that will set you up for a bigger change down the road. Start with baby steps now...

  Judy Martin: Redefining your career, business or personal success in a chaotic world
Thriving is no longer just associated with the pinnacle of financial success, it’s the ability to progress or evolve in other ways.

  Mary Cavanaugh: Relax at Work? Is that an Oxymoron?
No time to relax at work? That is when you need it the most. Join Mary Cavanaugh, 82-yr old Yoga TV celebrity, as she guides you through a deep muscle relaxation process to release stress and restore your energy.


  Debbie Barnett: Relax with Silent Chanting
When was the last time you hummed? Truly, humming sets off a vibration that is calming and relaxing. Close your eyes and try these different sounds, either audibly or silently, to shift your mood.

  Beth Shaw: Release Tension at your Desk with YogaFit
If you work at the computer for hours on end, chances are your shoulders are tight, your back is stiff and your neck aches. Take time right now to breathe and stretch!