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  Shanna Missett Nelson: Jazzercise Arm & Leg Stretches with a Strap
Grab a Band, tube or strap and do these great stretches for your arms and legs. Created for road-weary travelers, but great for anyone who needs a quick and easy stretch break.


  Edwige Gilbert: The 3Cís: Mindfulness Meditation
Yes, you can find 5 minutes of quiet meditation right at your desk. Join Edwidge and explore the 3Cís of Mindfulness Meditation.

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  Christa Orecchio: Avoiding the Afternoon Crash: Sugar Blues
Learn 5 things you can do when sugar cravings hit in the middle of your work day.

  Sally Adams: Bagua Map - #1: Health & Family Gua
Ready to Explore the Bagua Map? We begin our journey with the Health & Family Gua located in the left central square of the map as you stand at the entrance facing into the house.

  Sally Adams: Bagua Map - #2: Wealth & Prosperity Gua
The Wealth & Prosperity Gua sits at the far left corner of your home as you stand at the entry facing into the house. Find ways to bring abundance into your life through placing certain items in this Gua.

  Debbie Barnett: Balance your Brain with your Breath
The Left nostril is tied to the right (analytical) side of your brain, and the Right nostril to the left (creative) side. One is often more dominant than the other depending on what you are doing/feeling. Alternate Nostril Breathing brings your brain into balance. Try it...it works!

  Christa Orecchio: Balance Your Meals: The Healthy Way
With all the attention on weight loss in the nutrition world, itís important to remember there is more to losing weight than simply counting calories.