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  Stephanie Zito: Hooping as a Moving Meditation
Do you need to clear your mind of that monkey chatter and clutter? Watch and learn 3 Hoola Hooping movements that are sure to shift you out of your old way of thinking into something new and exciting.


  Sally Adams: Bagua Map - #1: Health & Family Gua
Ready to Explore the Bagua Map? We begin our journey with the Health & Family Gua located in the left central square of the map as you stand at the entrance facing into the house.

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  Allison Maslan: Why does YOUR change freak out your friends and family?
Why is it that anytime you want to improve or make a major change in your life, those close to you (family, friends) will often tell you that you are making a huge mistake?

  Dr. Janet Brill: Why Red Wines Reduce Stress
Did you know that a mere 4 oz of red wine can relax your blood vessels, lower your blood pressure and thereby reduce your stress? Indulge!


  Beth Shaw: Why Yoga is Good for Stress
It is not the events and people in our lives that give us stress but the way we react to them. What makes yoga unique in terms of stress reduction is in its multifaceted approach....

  Matt Weinstein: Work Like Your Dog
Take a moment to think about how your own dog actually spends his days. Your dog has a pretty good life, and it would be your lucky day if you could work like your dog! Everything is new, everything is exciting, everything is fun to your dog.

  Mary Delmege: Work to Live or Live to Work – What’s your style?
I had a good friend, Tony, who’s philosophy is that he works to live. He’s a happy person and he leaves the office behind. On the other end of the continuum is the person that lives to work...