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  Dr. Jay Warren: Counter Flu Season with this Wellness Scan
Join Dr. Jay in a visualization created to proactively scan the body and detect any disturbances that might be lingering underneath. Using your own “day-to-day radar”, you can bring any issues to the surface and heal them. You can heal yourself before you ever become symptomatic!


  Elizabeth Harper: You Are the Colors You Choose
We all have our own fashion style, but did you realize your choice of colors may actually reveal more about you than just your tastes or that the colors you wear may even affect your moods?

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  James Knight: Watch and Listen: Visual Meditation
Nature surrounds us, but often times we are moving too fast to stop and take notice. Sit back and let nature show you its splendor.

  Geneen Roth: Ways You Gain Weight Without Eating
Each of us has ways we manage to get food into our mouths without counting what we do as eating. This is my friend Cory's list: 1) broken cookies...


  Dr. Ray Angelini: Wellness an Antidote in stressful times
What follows are 10 suggestions offered by Penny Paltz in her book, Wellness Works! In it, she offers some of the best and most practical advice I have read on the subject. Try to see which tips relate the most to you.

  Stacy Rae Mednick: What Body Type are You?
Ever wonder why you aren't getting the results from your diet and exercise program? Perhaps you are working against your body type instead of with it! Stacy Rae opens your eyes to a new way of looking at your uniquely-created body.

  Yoga Vista Studio: What Do All these People Have in Common?
Senior citizens, office workers, empty nesters, school teachers and others all share a common passion for the health of their body, minds and spirits! Learn their secret.