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  Dr. Jay Warren: Easy Stretches at Your Desk
Relieve neck and back tension with these easy stretches you can do at your desk. Join Dr. Jay as he leads you through simple, yet effective, stretches to release stress in your tight muscles.


  Sally Adams: Bagua Map - #1: Health & Family Gua
Ready to Explore the Bagua Map? We begin our journey with the Health & Family Gua located in the left central square of the map as you stand at the entrance facing into the house.

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  Sally Adams: The Mouth of Chi
In Feng Shui terms, the approach and entry of a building or home is known as the “mouth of Chi”. Using Feng Shui principles to create a welcoming entry can work like a magnetic charm to attract positive energy and more....

  Carla Mills: The Pendulum Swings
Life is like a pendulum - we must learn to find the center. The search for comfort at all costs defies the laws of nature. Not only does the comfort we seek elude us, but we end up chronically uncomfortable instead.

  Garry Alesio: The Road More-Traveled
I love the insightful mantras that support us to find a smoother road to drive on like: "Don't go to the hardware store to buy a loaf of bread", and the definition of insanity is "Doing the same thing and expecting a different result". My personal favorite is...

  Michael Bamba and Eric Cuestas-Thompson: The Theory of Feng Shui
Balance the energies in Your Space by placing specific articles in specific places and watch things change!

  Chellie Campbell: The Wealthy Spirit
Six keys to remove all stress about $ so you can enjoy what you have!