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  Dr. Joshua C. Klapow: A Treat Each Week is Good for the Body & Soul
You work hard at balancing multiple priorities and just managing whatever comes up in life. So, make sure to treat yourself... every week! Here are a few ideas to start with!


  Nanice Ellis: 10 Tips to Personal and Professional Success
Capsulized in a succinct and logical way - Business Coach Nanice Ellis gives us useful tips to achieve success in whatever we desire.

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  Paula Montalvo: If you can stand, you can do yoga!
Stay Fit and Flexible with Yoga! Great for Seniors and Midlifers! Each pose in the Gentle Chair Yoga Standing Series is designed to be used with a chair for support - or you can let go and have fun! Yea, even at your desk you can do this!

  Mary Delmege: Impractical activities really serve an important purpose in our lives
Every day as we set out to save our little corner of the world by going to work and taking care of the endless to-do list that we all carry, we may also decide to put off ...

  Jade Butler: Improve your Breathing with these Stretches
Stay where you are and enjoy these deep side bends and twists in your desk chair. You'll breathe easier and deeper in minutes.

  James Knight: Improve your Game, no matter what Sport
Want a better golf swing, bowling arm, tennis or racquetball motion? You can retrain your body and gain more range of motion with these simple Hanna Somatics exercises.

  Clarky Davis: Inexpensive Ways to Get Fit
Don't have money for a gym membership? Here are 10 tips to pump up your workouts without spending a dime!