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  Michael Bamba and Eric Cuestas-Thompson: What is Feng Shui?
You've heard the word on those Home Makeover Shows, but what does it mean for your home and work space?


  Reggie Adams: How come we get a headache after we eat sugar?
Our bodies are trying to tell us something with the headache---that's wisdom! But, are we paying attention to what it is telling us?

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  Jaime Cole: Pilates at your desk?
Delivering Pilates right where you are. Tighten, tone and stretch your entire upper body without leaving your chair. Jaime makes it easy, so follow along!

  Christa Orecchio: Plan NOW not to get sick this winter!
What if, this winter, you discovered a few simple ways to boost your immune system so you won't get sick? Try even a few of these tips to increase your ability to stay balanced, healthy and happy throughout the season.

  Lisette Hart: Practical Anatomy: Get the Curve Back in your Neck
Through simple habit changes, we can slowly bring that healthy curve back into our neck. Come look on the inside of the neck to see how it works and what you can do to relieve your neck pain.

  Lisette Hart: Practical Anatomy: How to Sit to Support Your Low Back
If you have low back, neck or shoulder pain - alot of that pain can be caused by how you sit. Whether at the computer, watching TV or driving - your posture can over-ride the natural curves in your spine. Learn a few tips to help you Sit with a Smile!

  Lisette Hart: Practical Anatomy: Is Your Posture Aggravating Your Back Pain?
Take a peak at what your spine looks like on the inside... while you sit, stand and do your daily activities. Perhaps you will learn why your postural habits could be aggravating your back pain.