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  Christa Orecchio: How to Stock a Healthy, Whole Foods Kitchen
We can take a practical approach to our weight and health goals by changing what we keep in the house, and therefore what we put in our bodies.



  Mary Delmege: Work to Live or Live to Work – What’s your style?
I had a good friend, Tony, who’s philosophy is that he works to live. He’s a happy person and he leaves the office behind. On the other end of the continuum is the person that lives to work...

  Sherry Zak Morris: Yoga for Common Health Issues
Got any of these complaints - Insomnia, Indigestion, Headaches or the Common Cold? Learn why yoga can help improve your immune system and get the internals of your body working right again!

  Beth Shaw: Yoga Helps Stress on the Job
Most stress is a mental pressure exerted onto our physical bodies. Especially in the corporate setting where people are working furiously with their minds, not their bodies. Learn to let it go...

  Mary Cavanaugh: Yoga Keeps Seniors Mobile!
I have realized the one thing that matters most in life is a positive attitude. I have worked with seniors and people with disabilities or injuries who have overcome physical challenges through the power of their will.

  Sherry Zak Morris: Yoga Stretches for Desk Workers
Taking periodic breaks and doing movements that counteract the deskworker’s body position is key to bringing balance back to the body. Yoga is all about balance. We cannot avoid sitting at our desks, but ...