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  Dr. Barbara Cox: Unleashing the power of your mind to lose weight
How do you begin to banish your inner critic so that you can start reaching your goals?



  Reggie Adams: How come we get a headache after we eat sugar?
Our bodies are trying to tell us something with the headache---that's wisdom! But, are we paying attention to what it is telling us?

  Marcie Fraser: How do women connect sexually if they are not feeling sexy?
Most women relate intimately on an emotional level and if a woman is not feeling good about her body, the mind takes over and no one is happy.

  Nanice Ellis: How to Create Balance in Your Life
Everything in our lives fit into 2 categories - what we give and what we receive. The problem is that many of us get out of balance by never allowing ourselves to receive as much as we give. This is like the tide always going out and never coming in.

  Edwige Gilbert: How to Get on the Right Track and Stay There
When we take away the clouds we see the sky and the sun can come out. We can access "Joie de Vivre" and appreciate life as a whole. Here is your first step...

  Spencer Sherman: How To Get Your Family's Finances in Order Now! For 2009
Our kids inherit more than our eye color and height—they also inherit how we think about money and how we behave with money.