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  Edwige Gilbert: 7 Tips to maintain emotional balance and create joie de vivre…
Joie de vivre (from the French joie, "joy"; de, "of"; vivre, "to live, living"; "the joy of living") is a term sometimes imported into English to express a cheerful enjoyment of life; an exultation of spirit. Find it!



  Loren M. Gelberg-Goff: Finding Hope and Being hopeful: Even in Stressful Times
5 important steps to take to stay connected to, or reconnect to, the hope that resides within you.

  Aysun Tezveren: Findings Show: Stress is both additive and cumulative
Workplace stress continues to grow. In the U.S., experts at the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health are dedicated to studying stress. They’ve found...

  Helice “Sparky” Bridges: Gentle Yoga Tri-athlete at Age 68
68 years young…spiritual Tri-athlete wishing you grand slam home run FUN…first spirit, then mind and body. No matter what our age is, we are the athletes that the world needs most…wisdom, kindness makes us forever young.

  Garry Alesio: Get Inspired Thinking!
It's not the moments in our Life that defines us, but it is how we define ourselves in those moments.

  Matt Weinstein: Going Gently Down The Stream at Work
When we begin to feel that there is somewhere else that we ought to be than where we already are, that things are not moving fast enough in our careers, that there is something else that we need to be doing--- then we create upset in our lives.