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Nanice Ellis

Nanice Ellis

Master Results Coach, Speaker and Author

Nanice Ellis - Master Results Coach, Speaker, Author of five books and Radio Talk Show Host of “Chai with Nanice” on LATalkRadio.com. Nanice is a master at uncovering truth in midst of turmoil and changing challenges into triumphs, all the while creating the space for life altering transformation.

Nanice has a Bachelor of Science in Community and Human Services, and is certified as a Master Results Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. She is vastly experienced in Coaching, Crisis Counseling, and Intuitive Consulting with more than 20 years of Public Speaking experience. Nanice is a member of both the NLP Society and the International Federation of Hypnosis.

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Boot Camp: Welcome

GrabaPartnerWelcome to the first day of the rest of your life! Certainly, you’ve heard that saying many times before but this time you truly have the opportunity to make it a reality by the decisions that you make today and every day from this one on. By committing to complete the 10 week “Boot Camp to Kick-Start Your New Life”, you are saying “yes” to the life you always dreamed possible – even if you don’t even remember what that dream once was.

We are all born with a “dream” of a life that will bring us the greatest joy and happiness but very often our “free will” leads us astray because we are hypnotized by societal beliefs, fears and expectations. How wonderful that society has become so “discombobulated” that those beliefs, fears and expectations are being torn down at the most fundamental levels – once again allowing us to tap into our free will and choose our life once again. What seems like crisis and confusion is mass and vast opportunity for you and me to begin again!!!!!

One more thing before we begin: As a Life Coach who has worked with people all over the world – I’ve noticed that there are few consistent blocks that keep people from creating better lives. One of those blocks is the excuse - “I don’t know what I want”. So, before we go any further – let’s address this one head on. “Not knowing what you want” is a bad excuse for not making life choices. What most people don’t realize is that “not making a choice” is always “making a choice.” When we fail to make new choices, our unconscious choices default to choosing what we already have.

Unless you choose something different you will keep getting more of whatever it is you are focusing on through the daily living of your life – which are usually problems and challenging conditions. If that works for you - great. But if you have had enough and are ready to imagine something better for yourself and your family, it’s time to re-boot your life by making conscious choices. Remember, nothing is written in stone – if you don’t like the outcome of a particular choice, you can choose again. Like I said before “Life gives us “Do-Overs”.

Boot Camp for Your Life offers you the opportunity to get back in touch with your core dreams and desires and choose the life you have long ago forgotten – in those dreams and desires, life also chooses you. Your dreams and desires are your Internal Wisdom speaking to you – and NOW it is time to listen.

Get Ready!

Get Set!

Let’s GO!

The first three Boot Camp Blogs are designed to be used together in sequential order. To create positive, profound and permanent life changes, it is imperative that your Imagination and Internal Wisdom partner with a Call to Action. The following 3 weeks in Boot Camp are designed as follows:

Week 1 - Awaken your Imagination

Week 2 - Tap into your Internal Wisdom

Week 3 - Begin to take simple, yet powerful Actions to change Your Life

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  Nanice Ellis: Boot Camp: Welcome
Welcome! Boot Camp for Your Life offers you the opportunity to get back in touch with your core dreams and desires and choose the life you have long ago forgotten – in those dreams and desires, life also chooses you.

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