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Amanda Collins

Amanda Collins

Feng Shui Consultant

Amanda Collins is an internationally recognized Feng Shui consultant, speaker, and instructor as well as the owner and founder of Feel Serene, her consulting practice, and Feng Shui Fusion Inc. which supplies feng shui products around the world. Born and raised in Ireland, Amanda studied business and marketing at college in Dublin, Mrs. Collins now makes her home in San Diego and serves both corporate and residential clients around America.

Amanda's training has been extensive and has traveled around the world receiving formal training from the leading Feng Shui Masters. She has studied sacred spaces from China and Australia, to Europe and South America. Mrs. Collins studied Compass School of Feng Shui, Black Sect Tantric Buddhism, Land Form and Traditional Feng Shui in China and around the world.

Amanda is certified in Green Design, Interior redesign, as well as showcasing homes for sale. She is the San Diego Director and liaison to Ireland for the International Feng Shui Guild.

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Feng Shui Consulting by Amanda Collins

Amanda provides either a personal visit to your home or business anywhere in America or an in depth on-line consultation worldwide. Amanda frequently works with and advises real estate agents, architects, developers, and interior designers on both large and small-scale projects. Contact her to find out how Feng Shui can assist you in improving your surroundings while improving your life. Integrating the feng shui principles into her designs she creates more harmonious interiors as well as healthy environments for her clientele.

Amanda's, practical approach and application of this art will fit your needs;She will not arrange your business, home or property with weird and exotic objects. Amanda uses the theories behind this ancient art and science for tasteful, contemporary solutions to meet your needs. Your items rearranged and enhanced-bringing you positive flow, success and wellness.

Amanda finds balance in her own life between consulting, personal time and community service. She is constantly humbled while working in programs to feed the homeless; she is dedicated to spreading the message of Feng Shui, especially the impact of energies on our well-being.

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Feng Shui tips for your home

1) There should be no shoes or slippers lying around outside the main door of your house. Remove it if you can. Allow that space at the main door to be free and clear. The chi (energy) rides with the wind and will collect all the smell of those shoes and slippers into your house causing sickness. Ch’i then travels about in your house looking for water to stay but if there are no water fountains or fish tanks, then the Ch’i will be dispersed by wind.

2) There should be no television sets in your bedrooms: If you cannot get rid of that habit then after watching the television cover it with a plastic table cloth. Remember it has to be plastic and not simply cloth.

3) There should be no mirrors opposite your bed or at the side of your bed. Mirrors opposite the bed can attract a third party to the relationship. Therefore, do not place mirrors anywhere you like and especially in your bedroom

4) Place an indoor water fountain in your home, position in a favourable area to attract whatever you want in your life.

5) If you already have a fish tank in your house, be careful. A fish tank placed correctly can bring about greater fortune, as you will tap on the "Divine Water Dragon's Den". But if you tap wrongly, it can cause you to have lawsuits, bankruptcy, work pressure, troubles and problems. If you noticed any of these after placing the fish tank for approximately four months, shift your fish tank to another location.

6) In your kitchen, ensure that opposite your stove there is no refrigerator, washing machine, washbasin and toilet. The fire and water crash causing family members to have disagreements.

7) Try not to allow children to sleep on mattresses on the floor. Yes, this allows young children not to fall off beds but it also causes young children to fall sick frequently. The reason is: chi is not able to flow underneath the bed. Ideally, chi should circulate around the mattress where our children sleep to allow them to be healthy.

8) For young children, try to have their back to the wall when they write. It is important there should be a solid wall behind a children's writing table. This allows the child to have support so that he can sit there and study longer rather than for only half an hour and then they tend to move about because there is no solid wall behind their back. Adjust your writing table.

9) Do not allow children to sleep on double bunk beds even if it means saving space. The child sleeping underneath will not have "fresh chi" and so his health might be weak. But if due to space constraints, then monitor your child's health if not add in a metal 6 rods wind chime or a crystal sphere, to break up the "stale chi" around his bed.

10) Your bed should always have a solid wall behind you. This is important if you wish to have a good rest. A solid wall simply means that you can go into deeper sleep and therefore enabling you to have good rest so that when you wake up in the morning, you will feel fresh and well rested. This also allows you to be able to concentrate on your work better.

For 5 more tips visit SDFengShui.

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