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Loren M. Gelberg-Goff


Loren received her Master's Degree in Social Work from Columbia University and worked for many years in a variety of health care settings. Loren has been in private practice for the past 20 years working with individuals, families and couples helping them to enhance their lives and relationships. Married for 22 years, and a mother of 2, Loren truly understands what it takes to balance work and family life and deal with the stresses of raising a family in today's world.

Loren's workshops and seminars have been widely presented to Fortune 500 companies in New York and New Jersey, on topics of Stress Management, Parenting, Self-Empowerment, Anger Management, Forgiveness, and Coping with Change as well as other life issue topics.

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Can you Trust your Intuition?

How do you know what your next steps are supposed to be? Can you trust what your heart, gut &/or intuition tell you they are? Are you ready to face yourself and your life with a new and different attitude?

Many important and challenging questions... and unfortunately most people only want quick and easy answers. In life, while the answers may be quick, the process of living them is not. Life is a journey that has many detours, obstacles and storms. As I've stated before, life is often like being on a ship that isn't always in calm waters or with clear skies. What are your next steps to living your life empowered, whole and fulfilled? Please take time this week to answer the following 5 questions so that you are better able to determine what your next steps could be. (Get centered and quiet... then: Get paper and pen...)

Who I Am Is Enough - Taking that next step to living "Well Within":

1. What is my desired outcome? (list your short term, long term, personal, financial, work, social, etc) List your desired outcomes as wishes, goals, hopes, expectations, etc. for the immediate future and over the next 5-10 years. WRITE them down. Give your hopes, dreams, goals, desires, expectations, etc a voice. Do not judge them or deem them possible or impossible at this time. This step is for you to really sit with what you want. (And what you want does matter; you have no chance of achieving a goal if you keep it hidden... especially from yourself!)

2. What am I willing to do differently in my life to make my goal(s) a reality? This question must be asked for each goal, dream, hope, etc. Remember the old adage about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome...? Are you really willing to do anything differently in your life to achieve your goals?

3. If I knew that I could not fail, what would I do to achieve my desired outcome(s)? All too often, we stop ourselves from doing something we dream about, because we are afraid of the outcome. The "What ifs" or the analyzing of every possible, probable, even improbable possibilities paralyze us and then we end up doing nothing to achieve our desires. This is often referred to as "analysis paralysis". What if you knew you could not fail? What would you do?

4. On a scale of 0-10 how strong is my desire: Am I willing to face my obstacles, my detractors, my doubts and fears, and trust that I am able to face a new reality? This step allows you time and space to look at those things that get in your way. You get to decide how much power these issues have and how much power you will give these deterrents. It is your choice. Your life is determined by the choices you make, and when you give yourself time to STOP! BREATHE! & FOCUS! You put yourself in a better position to make conscious, purposeful decisions that will move you in the direction of your desired outcome

.5. On a scale of 0-10 how likely am I to achieve my desired outcome? Is my desire/passion for what I want stronger than my need for someone else's blessing? Am I waiting for someone else's approval before I allow myself to truly step into my life? Am I letting other people's beliefs, perceptions, needs or feelings to determine my actions? This is about your awareness, so that you can make conscious and purposeful decisions for yourself and your life, and feel empowered.

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