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Edwige Gilbert

Edwige Gilbert

Wellness/Stress Management Coach and Author

Wellness/Stress Management coach Edwige Gilbert is founder of New Life Directions and author of “The Fresh Start Promise: 28 Days to Total Mind, Body, Spirit Transformation.” She has worked with numerous individuals as well as groups, and specializes in combating addictive behaviors. Edwige has taught at prominent health clubs, corporations, hospitals, substance abuse centers, and industry events. Her private clients have included business and media leaders as well as mothers-to-be and adolescents. In addition to a seminar and workshop agenda, Edwige has designed multi-faceted stress management programs for corporate clients, including Citigroup, Verizon, Lehman Brothers, MTV and the Corcoran group.

Sought-after for media interviews on stress and related topics, she has been featured most recently on Lifetime TV ("The Balancing Act"), on national radio, and in American Health, Allure, Women’s Fitness and The New York Daily News, among others.

A native of Cannes, France, she now lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with her husband John. Edwige has had a lifelong interest in the powerful connections between mind, body and spirit. Her impressive list of degrees, certifications and areas of study have enabled her to build upon her natural gift of intuitive healing.

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The 3C’s: Mindfulness Meditation

Read the following description slowly, taking time to reflect on the meaning of each word. For the full effect, read these directions out loud.

I am sitting up in my chair, straightening my spine, uncrossing my legs and putting my feet on the ground. I exhale 3 times, through my mouth slowly, to cleanse and release my stress. Now, I imagine a golden string pulling me up, connecting my head to the blue sky - the world of infinite possibilities. I imagine roots growing from my feet, or powerful magnets locking my feet to the ground, connecting me to Mother Earth - securing and nurturing.

Now I notice my breathing. I give my full attention to breathing OUT all the worries and concerns of my day. I am placing a hand on my belly, and I notice what happens. I feel my hand going down as I exhale, and then rising as I inhale. I notice the continuous flowing motion, as my breath out becomes my breath in. I allow myself to drift into a quiet calmness inside.

I continue to repeat let go with the out breath… calm with the in breath… let go… calm… I begin to notice that my breath is slowing down more and more, helping me feel more and more relaxed. I am giving myself permission to release anything that I feel is in the way of this calming experience.

I place a smile on my face, allowing the corners of my mouth to lift up towards my ears. This is called the Inner Smile. It is an ancient Chinese practice used as a sign of contentment, gratitude, and completion. I smile at this calm, safe moment, and I declare:

    CALM. My mind is like the bottom of the sea. No ripples of thought disturb it.

    CENTERED. I breathe, and gather all of my energy back into my belly, which is my sacred power center.

    CONNECTED. I am surrounded by a circle of pure light from the sun. This life force connects me to the world of infinite possibilities.

Now that I feel calm, centered and connected, I begin to experience perfect balance between the left side and right side of my body. I desire to return to my day with a feeling of perfect symmetry and balance physically and emotionally.

When I am ready to return to my day, I remember those three words: "Calm… Centered… Connected." They are my personal combination that will unlock this calming experience. I will remember to use this combination any time and any place when I need to return to emotional balance. I can choose to practice this meditation in a standing position (for example, while waiting for a train or bus, or on a line at the supermarket).

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