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Max Simon

Max Simon

Founder, Chief Enlightenment Officer

Max Simon is a new school leader of consciousness on a mission to bring meditation to the masses. Born into a family of poetically brilliant teachers, Max Simon has been surrounded by consciousness, spirituality, and mind-body medicine his entire life. Son of David Simon M.D., best selling author and co-founder of the world-renowned Chopra Center for Wellbeing, and Julia Simon, an accredited Transcendental Meditation teacher and Vedic Astrologer,

Max received his first meditation technique at the age of 4. Learning yoga before he knew about sports and Ayurveda before he knew about McDonalds, the seeds of awareness were planted in Max at an early age.

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The selfcentered Tour is a new-school meditation movement on a mission to inspire one million people to learn selfcentered meditation by 2010. We started this movement to bring a fresh vibe to this amazing technology called meditation because we believe that it's time. As the modern world seeks to be calm, cool, and connected, The selfcentered Tour was born.

This is a grass roots street movement, catching on because of your energy and attention. So thanks for checking us out. Together, we will change the world from the inside out!

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Some People aren't Supposed to be Leaders

"Some people aren't supposed to be leaders Max. It's not their purpose."

This is what my mom said during our conversation today as we we're discussing conscious parenting. By itself, this phrase might upset you, but what my she meant is that our society has become very focused on what we "should do" rather than what we "want to do." Parents, schools, media, and businesses all encourage you to keep "rising to the top", despite how you feel wherever you're at. The result is an underlying pressure that subtly pushes you to keep pushing.

This energy can be a blessing or a curse. When you're aware of it, you allow it to act as the creative drive for your expansion and growth. It propels you to have a greater impact, do more good, and love more fully.

When you're unaware of it, this energy will drive you crazy. You will feel perpetually antsy, uncomfortable, and incomplete. Almost as though you're going insane, the voices in your head will remind you that there's more to do, greater things to accomplish, and not enough time.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Boy have I been there!

Surprise surprise, the answer is meditation. As you step back and quiet the mind chatter, you are able to see where that pressure is coming from. Is it from your past, maybe your parents? Or is it coming from an authentic space that is truly clear on what you want? By connecting to that space that "knows", it's pretty easy to decipher the difference.

If this email strikes a chord, take some time to close your eyes and feel. Are you doing what you're doing because you LOVE IT or is it residual from the past? The good news is that you're the only person on the planet that can make that call for you.

Much love,

Max Simon
Founder, Chief Enlightenment Officer

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