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Mary Cavanaugh

Mary Cavanaugh

Registered Yoga Teacher

Mary Cavanaugh, nationally recognized yoga instructor, video producer and local TV yoga celebrity is the creator of an inspiring collection of videos tapes and television programs focused on staying healthy with Yoga and Meditation. She is the co-founder of YogaJP, an organization dedicated to sharing Yoga to seniors and people with physical challenges.

Mary passed away in 2005 at the age of 84, leaving a legacy of yoga and wellness through her yoga videos and television programs.

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Mary's lifelong dream was fulfilled when she recorded two Gentle Yoga DVDs at the age of 82.

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Yoga Keeps Seniors Mobile!

Through my many years teaching and practicing yoga, I have realized the one thing that matters most in life is a positive attitude. I have worked with seniors and people with disabilities or injuries who have overcome physical challenges through the power of their will. That is why I am so passionate about sharing the power of yoga to help improve the quality of life for Seniors who may feel hopeless about their ability to ever experience the physical enjoyment of body movement again. I am 82-years old and live in a seniors community where I see and listen to many of my peers who are just feeling downright bad. Let’s admit it, the longer we live, the more aches and pains we are bound to have. I started yoga over 40 years ago after an old back injury started to flare up and the doctors told me I needed back surgery. I was determined to find a better way – a more natural and healing way, to ease my pain. I found that in yoga, and have been practicing ever since. 

Can Yoga really help You?
Now, can yoga really help someone who has never done it before? Can it really ease pain, reverse the affects of aging, or simply get those atrophied muscles moving and feeling stronger? Yes, it can. No matter where you are today in your physical or mental condition, yoga can help improve your state of mind and body. I have been teaching yoga to seniors for decades, and have seen some amazing results. I’d like to share a few stories to encourage you, that you too, can benefit from yoga! My dear friend Betty is 83 years old. She had physical conditions that limited her ability to get in and out of bed without the help of parameds. I started sharing yoga movements with her as she lay in her bed, slowly moving muscles she forgot were there. And after 3 months, she was able to get up and down off the floor with no assistance. A minor feat for others, but a major accomplishment for Betty. She continues to practice yoga and says she feels so much better. You can sometimes even see that spring in her step!

I teach yoga to a group of MS patients every Monday afternoon. MS is incurable, but my students are there diligently every Monday because they find yoga movements and stretching ease their pain and increase their mobility. Dear Ginny, walks with a cane, but after 6 months of practicing yoga, her leg strength has improved significantly. She can balance on that leg with the assistance of a chair. A feat she would never have thought she could accomplish months ago. And best of all, her spirits have improved and she says she comes to yoga for that weekly lift.

Stay Independent longer with Yoga
At LeisureWorld, a senior’s community in Southern California, I taught yoga to 60, 70 and 80 year olds of all different physical and mental conditions. I remember fondly Jane, her family wanted to institutionalize her because they had given up hope. She was moping around, not caring for herself and just feeling miserable. But, she was adamant to stay as independent as she could so she started taking my yoga classes. After 6 months of yoga, everyone commented on how good she looked, how nice her hair looked and you could see the confidence radiating out of her. Her whole outlook changed. I had the sons and daughters of the residents comment to me on how much their parents improved, their memories were coming back, and most importantly – their spirits were lifting.

Get hooked on a Feeling
So, what is this yoga about and how can it really improve your physical and mental condition? Think back over your active years – maybe they were when you were in your 20’s, 30’s or 60’s. No matter, when you were able to move and exercise and exert some energy – you felt good and proud of yourself. You can get that feeling back with yoga. You may not be able to leap tall buildings with a single bound, but you may be able to get out of your wheelchair and stand or even take a few steps. 

Look at Lily, after 7 years in a wheelchair, she decided to take my Yoga with a Chair class. She was there faithfully every week for 2 years. Then one day she just stood up and walked around her wheelchair to do some standing postures. What a feeling she had that day! The whole class shared in her excitement. That is the mental lift and confidence yoga can give you.

Chris’ husband wanted her to keep taking yoga because of the benefits he saw in her attitude. She is more positive and upbeat, and a pleasure to be around. Nancy, an MS patient, can now get up and down off the floor and stand up against the wall with no help. Her focus is so much keener and she can follow instructions much better after only 6 months of yoga. Glen, wheelchair-bound, was able to stand up against a wall after 3 months of yoga. Alice got rid of her cane totally after 6 months of yoga. These small victories are just a few of the wonderful successes I have seen in my many years of teaching yoga.

What is Yoga Anyway?
For many of you, you may think yoga is some strange religion where you sit chanting and burning incense. But yoga is really a holistic approach to managing your physical, mental and spiritual health. Yoga is a series of stretching and strengthening movements that get your blood flowing and your joints and muscles moving. These movements improve your circulation, digestion and mental alacrity so that you just feel better. And when you feel better, you are more optimistic about life. You don’t have to be super flexible and fold your body into a pretzel. Yoga is not competitive, you progress at the pace your body takes you. And when you look back over weeks and months of doing yoga, I guarantee you will see an improvement and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Start Yoga now – it is never too late!
It is never too late to start yoga. You may be bedridden, in a wheelchair, or still somewhat mobile – just start yoga where you are today. A the age of 81, I recorded two yoga DVDs and started a new internet business at www.yogajp.com! Friends and family thought I was crazy, but I felt compelled to share this special gift to as many people as I could. The first DVD series is called “Gentle Yoga for Seniors” and is designed especially for seniors and people with physical challenges. It contains three 20-minutes yoga therapies that can be done from a bed, chair or standing. This DVD is great for anyone brand new to yoga. 

The second DVD series is called “Gentle Yoga for Everyone” and is designed to be a daily practice to keep you mobile and confident. This DVD has three 20-minutes classes focused on building strength, flexibility and stamina to keep you mobile and active. Order them at www.yogajp.com

Treat yourself to yoga and you will be giving yourself a special gift of health and confidence!

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