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Garry Alesio

Garry Alesio

Hatha Yoga Teacher, Anusara-Inspired; Personal Trainer

Get Inspired Yoga is a style of yoga as eclectic as the founder, Garry Alesio’s life path. From carpenter apprentice to Co-owner of a large NYC construction company, Garry retired at the age of 49 to follow an inner path of service as a Social Worker in the field Drug Addiction & Alcoholism, Personal Trainer, an All Natural Bodybuilding Champion, and a Certified Yoga Teacher. Get Inspired Yoga is an exciting personal invitation to strengthen, explore, challenge, balance and let go when needed. Garry’s commanding yet encouraging teaching style has students doing things they never thought they would ever do again! Get Inspired Yoga is an exciting practice ideal for anyone at a point in their life who is looking to create or deepen their commitment to a stronger, healthier body and mind.

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Yoga for Midlife DVD

Active Flow yoga format promotes healthy joint movements to reduce your aches and pains. Increase your flexibility and strength and learn to calm your mind through relaxing meditation.

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Get Inspired Thinking!

Recently I was gifted with an unplanned change in life as a yoga teacher, not uncommon in this life path for sure. But at the moment I felt a full range of feelings, all appropriate and part of the aware human journey. I then found A new Mantra (affirmation) for myself that has helped me to see beyond this small moment in time.

It's Not The Moments in our Life That Defines us But It is How we Define Ourselves in Those Moments.

The practice of Yoga is a truly wonderful way to help build emotional and physical strength just for those occasions when we least expect a storm to blow through our lives. In Tree pose (Vrksasana) we find balance to withstand the winds by feeling rooted to the earth and off the mat - rooted, secure and confident in our beliefs of who we are.

While standing in Tree Pose, there is so much going on internally to be stable while finding a sense of lightness. We may even fall over for a time on or off the mat, and we learn not to feel less than because of the moment. Instead we mark that point as a place to move forward from, rather than move back and away. Each time providing a opportunity to expand rather than contract.

Also in our practice we learn to let go of the need to get somewhere just to feel good about ourselves. Our Yoga practice helps us learn and grow in each new pose. The How do we handle change? Not the kind we plan and look forward to, but the unexpected transitions we all experience in our lives from time to time. 

So for me, I am exploring many fun and new opportunities as a yoga teacher, and more importantly as a person that were not present before this latest storm or more appropriately put, breeze blew my way.

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