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Mary Delmege

Mary Delmege


Mary Delmege works with courts and community organizations as a Mediator in Southern California. She recently retired as Director for nine US Commercial Service offices in Southern California and Hawaii.

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Mary Delmege, Mediator

Mary Delmege has worked closely with Commercial Service offices throughout the world. Ms. Delmege's organization offered counseling, market research, matchmaking services and coordination of overseas trade shows and missions.

Her background includes a variety of management and advisory positions for the US Commerce Department, including Senior Advisor to the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee. In that role she was instrumental in developing the National Export Strategy based on feedback from focus groups, interviews and surveys of small and mid-sized exporters.

Ms. Delmege began her Commercial Service career as a Foreign Service Officer in Mexico City, where she directed market research and outreach activities.

Contact Mary at mfdelmege@cox.net

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Work to Live or Live to Work – What’s your style?

I had a good friend, Tony, who’s philosophy is that he works to live.  He’s a happy person and he leaves the office behind when he goes home. He’s a hard worker and is considered on of the top in his field, but at 4:30, he walks out the door and doesn’t think about his job until he’s back the next day.&

On the other end of the continuum is the person that lives to work. We’ll call her Sylvia. Sylvia checks her e-mail before breakfast, works on projects on the weekends and worries about various aspects of the job at all hours.  Sylvia wants to run the department because she believes that she has a great vision for how to make the operation more effective.  So clearly Tony and Sylvia have very different goals in the work place.  Tony’s goal is to be allowed to do his job and be recognized for his work with time off and bonuses.  Sylvia’s goal is to be promoted.

So how does this change their outlook toward office politics?  Tony may productively engage in a bit of politics to protect his turf or lobby for some change that he thinks will improve his work environment.  Sylvia, on the other hand, probably is going to need a black belt in politics if she’s going to reach her goals without getting derailed.  She’s going to need to figure out how to spotlight her accomplishments and how to build a network of supporters up and down the organizational ladder.  On the other hand, either Tony or Sylvia could make serious mistakes by engaging in destructive politics that harm their image or create life long enemies who will work hard to see them fail. 

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