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Missy Costello

Missy Costello

Personal Chef & Wellness Coach Karma Chow

Missy Costello, the founder of Karma Chow has always had a passion for healthy, delicious food. She began cooking at a very young age and when she became a vegetarian at the age of 19 she began experimenting with healthier versions of everyday recipes! Her passion for health, nutrition & wellness led her to become a yoga teacher and wellness coach. She is dedicated to being happy and healthy and incorporates all facets of her training in her daily life and when working with her clients.

Missy teaches cooking classes & hosts demonstrations throughout Southern California. Her flavorful & nutritious meals will leave you feeling more energetic, happier & satiated. You will save time & money and have a refrigerator full of tasty & nourishing food!

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An inside look at cravings and psychology

Food and Psychology?? What an odd combination. Sounds about as common as Peanut Butter & Sardines? Yet, the food we crave at certain times can be driven by our psychological make up. Have you ever been stressed to find yourself reaching for something crunchy and salty? What about when you are sad or lonely and feel like you need some comfort? Do you reach for creamy, sweet foods?

Research has found that our cravings and what we eat can correlate to the state of our emotions and mind.  Sometimes this can lead to overeating when we aren’t really hungry, which in turn, can lead to unwanted pounds or just plain feeling awful.  Sometimes, the specific comfort food we crave can help us to relive a childhood memory that brings us joy or happiness. Or sometimes, we just need to indulge a little!
What are your cravings? And what do they say about you??

Crunchy & Salty
Crunchy/Salty food is often craved by people who are under stress. Chewing these harder textured foods can help us to release some tension. As we all know, chewing is good exercise for the jaw muscles and keeps them toned. Yet if we are eating to relieve stress, there may be something deeper going on. It might be better to rethink that crunchy, salty snack and take a few deep breaths instead. If your cravings don’t go away, allow yourself to indulge, but pick crunchy snacks that are healthy for you. Try air-popping some popcorn, add a little melted coconut oil, some sea salt and enjoy! This makes for a heart-healthy, fiber-full snack that won’t pack on unwanted pounds. Another option would be Celery sticks with some raw almond butter, or baked Blue Corn Tortilla chips, which are now available at most Mainstream grocery stores.

Creamy and/or sweet foods always bring me comfort, sometimes taking me back to the days when my mother would be cooking in the kitchen and she would offer me a scoop of my favorite ice cream or some hot chocolate with whipped cream. Those moments felt sacred that I shared with my mom, and I like to re-visit them sometimes for a bit of nostalgia. Do you find yourself craving sweet, creamy foods when you are down or lonely, or when you want comfort in some way? If so, notice these feelings and ask yourself if you really want that sweet, creamy snack or if maybe a phone call to a close friend or relative will cheer you up. If your craving doesn’t disappear, allow yourself to have one scoop of ice cream, or whatever creamy food you are craving and eat it mindfully and slowly. One of my favorite, healthier versions of my “un-healthy” ice cream bowl is mixing up some Organic Non-Fat Greek Yogurt with frozen blueberries and a couple raw almonds. Delicious!

Fortunately in today’s world there are much healthier options available to us, so take the time to find your “upgraded” version of the food you love! It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you just because you crave certain foods. Research has shown that more often than not, cravings are psychological and not necessarily due to any type of nutritional deficiency, so go ahead and allow yourself to have a little bit of the full-fat ice cream or macaroni & cheese and then move on!!

Remember that depriving ourselves can sometimes lead to binge eating by not satisfying those cravings we have.


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