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Allison Maslan

Allison Maslan

Business Coach and Author

Allison is a Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner, Author and dynamic speaker that lectures worldwide to businesses owners, independent professionals and associations that want to create a powerful turning point in their business and accelerate their success.

Through her years of working with clients and students, Allison has come to understand how and why human beings create their own personal limits in every aspect of their lives, including: relationships, personal joy, career, health, prosperity and spirituality. She has learned to identify these self-applied roadblocks and teaches her clients how to release them; and then gives the tools to become proficient in living abundant, richer and freer lives.

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Allison Maslan

  Allison Maslan: Losing Your Job Could Be A Blessing!
What seemingly appears to be a terrible scenario may be the exact jolt you need to take matters into your own hands and become an entrepreneur. Many successful companies launched in a down economy. Since we spend almost 75,000 hours during our working life, shouldn't we love our work?

  Allison Maslan: Why does YOUR change freak out your friends and family?
Why is it that anytime you want to improve or make a major change in your life, those close to you (family, friends) will often tell you that you are making a huge mistake?