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Ileen Dalke Miller

Ileen Dalke Miller

Adjunct Professor & Nutrition/Health Consultant

Ileen Miller has been working in the personal and family health and wellness field for the past twenty-five years. Her experiences include Nutrition/Health Consultant in private practice, for Cal-a-Vie spa, and for various other fitness and corporate establishments. She is a guest lecturer and facilitator of nutrition/health workshops, and currently serves as Adjunct Professor at several colleges and universities. Her latest research project measured the effects of breakfast on individual test and task performance.

Ileen holds a Master’s degree in Health Science with emphasis in Human Nutrition. Her undergraduate work was in Family and Consumer Science. Ileen is also a certified yoga instructor and enjoys teaching yoga at several locations. Her initial doctorial studies are in the area of the Contrast and Comparison of Eastern and Western Nutritional influences.

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Ileen Dalke Miller

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