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Dr. Jay Warren

Dr. Jay Warren

Licensed Wellness Chiropractor

Dr. Jay Warren is a Wellness Chiropractor in San Diego, CA. His wish for everyone he works with is for them to have a greater ability to ease elegantly through the challenges of life. Dr. Jay’s office is a Creating Wellness Center which incorporates a custom designed lifestyle modification program for his patients as well as state-of-the-art chiropractic care. He is the creator of “Healing from Within” – guided visualizations that teach people how to tap into the powerful self-healing abilities in all of us.

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Dr. Jay Warren

  Dr. Jay Warren: 6 Tips for Sticking to a Regular Exercise Program
It seems that the odds of sticking with a program are stacked against you. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some basic tips to help you stay with the program.

  Dr. Jay Warren: Be Healthy When Stress Hits
Should we cancel our gym memberships, yoga classes, workouts, family vacations and healthy eating expenses when we are undergoing financial stress?

  Dr. Jay Warren: Catching a Cold or the Flu?
Great meditation when you feel “something coming on”. Besides the usual physical stuff you do to prevent your immune system from breaking down, this process allows your mind to stimulate the powerful immune centers in your body to protect and heal yourself.

  Dr. Jay Warren: Counter Flu Season with this Wellness Scan
Join Dr. Jay in a visualization created to proactively scan the body and detect any disturbances that might be lingering underneath. Using your own “day-to-day radar”, you can bring any issues to the surface and heal them. You can heal yourself before you ever become symptomatic!

  Dr. Jay Warren: Easy Stretches at Your Desk
Relieve neck and back tension with these easy stretches you can do at your desk. Join Dr. Jay as he leads you through simple, yet effective, stretches to release stress in your tight muscles.

  Dr. Jay Warren: Is it My Head, My Eyes or My Monitor?
If you have headaches or eyestrain towards the end of your work day, your computer monitor may be the culprit. Dr. Jay will open your eyes to a new way of looking at your monitor.

  Dr. Jay Warren: Is your Desk Chair a Pain?
Do you have low back or neck pain at the end of your day? Chances are your chair is working against you. Poor seated posture accounts for many neck and back ailments. Join Dr. Jay as he covers the ABC's of Desk Chair Ergonomics.

  Dr. Jay Warren: Make Friends with your Keyboard and Mouse
Did you know that Carpal Tunnel symptoms are most commonly caused by poor keyboard placement? Dr. Jay shares useful tips to ease your wrist joints.

  Dr. Jay Warren: Pain Points, Down Dogs, Fiery Phoenixes
That day I reached my breaking point. I had tolerated the nagging pain for months and it wasn't getting any better. Surprise, surprise: it was getting worse.

  Dr. Jay Warren: Top 10 Tips for Getting and Staying Healthy
Dr. Jay shares tips on how to invest in developing your health now so you won’t have to pay to resolve problems later. An ounce of prevention...

  Dr. Jay Warren: Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Immune System...Naturally
Everyone today realizes that it is not the germ that makes someone sick but rather a poor immune system that prevents their body from effectively fighting off that germ.

  Dr. Jay Warren: What is Wellness?
“Wellness” is a word that has been all over the marketplace for years now. But what is Wellness really?

  Dr. Jay Warren: Your Lifestyle Affects Your Children
Children do model our behaviors so let’s set the best possible example for them by eating right, exercising properly, having a positive attitude and...