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Amanda Collins

Amanda Collins

Feng Shui Consultant

Amanda Collins is an internationally recognized Feng Shui consultant, speaker, and instructor as well as the owner and founder of Feel Serene, her consulting practice, and Feng Shui Fusion Inc. which supplies feng shui products around the world. Born and raised in Ireland, Amanda studied business and marketing at college in Dublin, Mrs. Collins now makes her home in San Diego and serves both corporate and residential clients around America.

Amanda's training has been extensive and has traveled around the world receiving formal training from the leading Feng Shui Masters. She has studied sacred spaces from China and Australia, to Europe and South America. Mrs. Collins studied Compass School of Feng Shui, Black Sect Tantric Buddhism, Land Form and Traditional Feng Shui in China and around the world.

Amanda is certified in Green Design, Interior redesign, as well as showcasing homes for sale. She is the San Diego Director and liaison to Ireland for the International Feng Shui Guild.

For more information: Feng Shui Consulting by Amanda Collins

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Amanda Collins

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