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Nanice Ellis

Nanice Ellis

Master Results Coach, Speaker and Author

Nanice Ellis - Master Results Coach, Speaker, Author of five books and Radio Talk Show Host of “Chai with Nanice” on LATalkRadio.com. Nanice is a master at uncovering truth in midst of turmoil and changing challenges into triumphs, all the while creating the space for life altering transformation.

Nanice has a Bachelor of Science in Community and Human Services, and is certified as a Master Results Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. She is vastly experienced in Coaching, Crisis Counseling, and Intuitive Consulting with more than 20 years of Public Speaking experience. Nanice is a member of both the NLP Society and the International Federation of Hypnosis.

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Nanice Ellis

  Nanice Ellis: 10 Tips to Personal and Professional Success
Capsulized in a succinct and logical way - Business Coach Nanice Ellis gives us useful tips to achieve success in whatever we desire.

  Nanice Ellis: Boot Camp: Week 1 - Awaken your Imagination
If your imagination is dormant and you have lost touch with it, now is the time to re-ignite the power of this passive yet profound tool – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  Nanice Ellis: Boot Camp: Kick-Start Your New Life!
Is it time to Re-Boot and Kick-Start Your Life? If you are looking for purpose and passion, or going through a life transition, or just plain at a loss for what is next for your life - this Boot Camp might be just what you need.

  Nanice Ellis: Boot Camp: Week 2 – Get Real & Tell the Truth!
Every obstacle you overcome helps you become the person you need to be in order to attract your perfect life. The first step in overcoming your obstacles is simply aligning yourself with your own truth.

  Nanice Ellis: Boot Camp: Week 3 – Re-claim Your POWER!
We “spend our power” in every way that we spend our energy. In other words, the expression of our power lies in our energy. Wherever we focus our physical, mental and spiritual energy is where we are "spending our power".

  Nanice Ellis: Boot Camp: Week 4 – Uncovering your Internal Wisdom
In order for you to use the power of your Internal Wisdom (otherwise known as your gut feeling or intuition), to help guide your way to your new life, you must unleash the faith that says I only need to know the next step.

  Nanice Ellis: Boot Camp: Week 5 – Get to Your Goal NOW!
The goal of any desire is to create feelings such as joy, happiness, success, love, or peace. If you get what you want and you still feel bad, you haven’t really accomplished anything. 

  Nanice Ellis: Boot Camp: Welcome
Welcome! Boot Camp for Your Life offers you the opportunity to get back in touch with your core dreams and desires and choose the life you have long ago forgotten – in those dreams and desires, life also chooses you.

  Nanice Ellis: How to Create Balance in Your Life
Everything in our lives fit into 2 categories - what we give and what we receive. The problem is that many of us get out of balance by never allowing ourselves to receive as much as we give. This is like the tide always going out and never coming in.

  Nanice Ellis: Staying Young at Heart
Have you ever noticed that the more serious a person is, the older they seem, while light hearted people always seem to be younger than their chronological age? Life is not meant to be serious.