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Christa Orecchio


Christa’s holistic health practice includes individual, group and corporate coaching in-person and by phone and video conferencing. Her comprehensive programs are designed to help people live healthier, happier and more energetic lives through whole food nutrition, supplementation and healthy lifestyle guidance. Christa’s programs are uniquely tailored to each individual or corporate client to holistically heal common chronic health concerns including fatigue, weight control and digestive issues.

For more information: Whole Journey Wellness

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Christa Orecchio

  Christa Orecchio: 100 Weight Loss Secrets it Took Me Years to Learn!
Here are some tried and tested ways to boost your metabolism and kick start weight loss that you can try straight away. The trick is to start today, gradually and steadily adopting new a few new tips.

  Christa Orecchio: 5 of the World's Most Healthiest Foods
Countdown 5-4-3-2-1 to the 5 Healthiest foods you can eat. And no, you don't have to go to an exotic specialty store for these foods, find them at your local market and ENJOY!

  Christa Orecchio: 7 Tips for a Healthy Fall & Winter
Fall is officially here, and it's time to think about making changes in our diet and lifestyle so that we won't get sick as fall moves into winter.

  Christa Orecchio: Are you Drinking Enough Water?
Hmmm, ever wondered how much water you need? We are all different sizes and weights, so let Christa teach you the ABC's of water replenishment.

  Christa Orecchio: Avoiding the Afternoon Crash: Caffeine Blues
Find out what most people don't know about caffeine. Learn 6 reasons to kick the caffeine habit - painlessly.

  Christa Orecchio: Avoiding the Afternoon Crash: Sugar Blues
Learn 5 things you can do when sugar cravings hit in the middle of your work day.

  Christa Orecchio: Balance Your Meals: The Healthy Way
With all the attention on weight loss in the nutrition world, it’s important to remember there is more to losing weight than simply counting calories.

  Christa Orecchio: Cultivating Gratitude for the Holidays
We all have abundance in our lives, regardless of current life or economic conditions. Take a moment to consider these...

  Christa Orecchio: Eating for Your Age
As life changes and progresses there are different nutrients that have a specific call to certain age groups. Have a look at ways to optimize your nutrition for your age.

  Christa Orecchio: Greens: The Easiest Way to Get Healthy
If your definition of "eating greens" is canned peas or iceberg lettuce... Christa will open our eyes to the limitless choices of healthy, tasty greens you may have never heard of or considered.

  Christa Orecchio: How to Eat Healthy without Breaking the Bank
Learn tips on how to make food shopping and cooking more fun! Christa shares 5 easy and effective ways to reduce the cost of your meals, while eating more healthy at home.

  Christa Orecchio: How to Stock a Healthy, Whole Foods Kitchen
We can take a practical approach to our weight and health goals by changing what we keep in the house, and therefore what we put in our bodies.

  Christa Orecchio: Plan NOW not to get sick this winter!
What if, this winter, you discovered a few simple ways to boost your immune system so you won't get sick? Try even a few of these tips to increase your ability to stay balanced, healthy and happy throughout the season.

  Christa Orecchio: Small Changes, Big Payoff
Who doesn’t feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? We spend each moment in a rush, going at breakneck speed, and end up exhausted. Here are a few tips that can really pay off!

  Christa Orecchio: Snacking is Good for You
Don't feel guilty about snacking - it is one of the healthiest things you can do. From salty, to crunchy to sweet - what you choose makes the difference.

  Christa Orecchio: Summertime Strategies for Play and Rest
In our work-crazed society we can lose sight of the benefits of slowing down and taking time to rest. Here are some strategies to consider:

  Christa Orecchio: Super-Foods for a Healthier Heart
Nothing matters more than taking good care of your heart. Where to start? Increase these "super-foods" to eat your way to a healthier heart.

  Christa Orecchio: The 8 Causes of Cravings
Cravings: Do you need it or want it? Learn how to identify and distinguish your food cravings.

  Christa Orecchio: The world belongs to those with the most energy
Some of us feel that snacking is bad and that eating between meals leads to weight gain. Others believe that eating many small meals and snacks throughout the day is healthy for maintaining energy levels and optimal weight.

  Christa Orecchio: The “How” of Eating
How often do you assess your mental/emotional state before a meal? Have you noticed how the state you are in greatly affects not only your choices on what to eat, but also how you eat and how much you eat?

  Christa Orecchio: What Should I Eat for Lunch?
Have you noticed that what you eat affects your mood and focus at work? Find out how to eat right for your job type or upcoming project. Nutritionist, Christa Orecchio, explains food's role in concentration, creativity, patience and productiveness.