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Alón Sagee

Alón Sagee

Business Coach

Alón Sagee is a full-time coach, marketing consultant, writer, trainer, and public speaker dedicated to helping the yoga business community prosper.

After graduating from Rutgers University with an English and Economics degree, Alón entered the corporate world, beginning his marketing initiation as a representative for a large computer company. After six very successful years opening new markets in two countries, Alón undid the tie, took off the suit, bought a backpack, and began an extensive solo exploration of this remarkable planet — a passion that has taken him to over thirty countries to date.

Alón discovered yoga in 1988 through an Indian friend who mentored him in Hatha and Kriya yoga, as well as starting him on the path of Ayurvedic study. Alón has made yoga his daily practice, and finds it to be one of his greatest teachers.

Now, with over 20 years of experience as entrepreneur and corporate executive, having conducted business development training seminars for thousands of fellow marketers, Alón brings his love of yoga, business, and helping others to this exciting new venture.

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Alón Sagee

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