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Julie Blake

Julie Blake

Singer, Speaker, Author & Coach

Julie Blake is an entrepreneur of 17 years, author, singer/songwriter, graduate of the Byron Katie School and a solopreneur coach. She helps her clients unravel untrue thoughts so that they can fully own their value and fearlessly charge what they are worth – and most importantly… create the courage to ask for clients. Julie leads a 10-Day Solo-preneur Bootcamp to work through fear, create courage and get into bold action and bold asking!

She is also writing a book titled THE CHOICE: If You Knew Heaven on Earth was Just a Thought Away… Would you Choose it? It’s about how she stopped creating her own living hell and found Heaven on Earth was always a thought away… and how can find it too!

Julie is a founding member of Steve Chandler’s Club Fearless and leads a local Salt Lake City Club Fearless Mastermind Meetup group in Utah.

For more information: Got Courage

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Julie Blake

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Like an artist that is born knowing they must paint or create music - I believe that entrepreneurs are born to give birth to their ideas. We hear a call from our Soul to play a bigger game, to make a bigger difference and attempting to ignore this call is like locking ourselves up in prison… of course we do get maximum security.