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Beth Shaw

Beth Shaw

YogaFit Founder Studio Instructor International Trainer Published Author and Lecturer

Beth's background training includes White Lotus Hatha Yoga Certification, Integrative Yoga Therapy Certification, UCLA Fitness Program, Reiki Healing Certification, Reebok Cycling Instructor Certification, IPSB Massage Technician Certification and a B.S. in Health Marketing from CW Post LIU. Her personal success in health and fitness inspired Beth to create YogaFit, a fitness program combining the very best fitness exercises with yoga's traditional focus and stretching exercises. In 1994, Beth opened her own YogaFit signature studio in Hermosa Beach, California. Beth has authored the number one selling book for Human Kinetics, Beth Shaw's YogaFit and she has been published in numerous fitness publications, such as SELF, FIT, Yoga Journal and Club Business International.

Beth is the yoga expert for Fitlinxx.com and a contributing content editor for Dr. Barry Sears, PhD "The Zone" website, championjogbra.com and Personal Trainer on the net website. She has appeared on national television and held seminars and lectures throughout the United States and Europe. Beth is a Master Presenter for Fitness Conventions worldwide.

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Beth Shaw

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