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Brett Farmiloe

Brett Farmiloe

VP, Pursue the Passion

The goal of Pursue the Passion is to get people to think differently about career paths. We want current and future workforces to not only realize that they can be passionate about a career, but we want to provide them with the tools to do so. Through our website, speaking program, and initiatives in the classroom, we are playing a meaningful role in reversing the long-term negative trends in employment statistics.

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Brett Farmiloe

  Brett Farmiloe: A Job at the Georgia Aquarium
David Santuchi has had several careers and never worked a job he hasn't loved. Until now... find how he found the passion.

  Brett Farmiloe: Do You Love your Job?
Pursue the Passion van goes to the streets of Seattle to ask the man/woman on the street - "Do You Love our Job?" What did they say?

  Brett Farmiloe: Escape Adultism
Kim and Jason of "Escape Adulthood" have invested their adult lives in preserving the enthusiasm associated with childhood and helping the groups they speak to avoid, "adultitis".

  Brett Farmiloe: From Accountant to Goat Breeder
Linda Harrison worked 15 years as an accountant before realizing that she wouldn't be happy until she was working outside. So she purchased The Green Pastures goat Farm and has been operating it happily ever since.

  Brett Farmiloe: How To Create your Own Job
Thinking of changing jobs, or creating a new one? If you can imagine it, you can create it. Find out how you can open shop and hang up your own shingle!

  Brett Farmiloe: Life of a Hedge Fund Manager
Whitney Johnson describes her life on Wall Street. "Don't be afraid - go out and try it! It's your life, don't let anyone else hold you down."

  Brett Farmiloe: Passionate Careers - want one?
Half the American work force is not satisfied with their job, and only a fifth apply a passion towards their career. As this trend trickles to students entering the working world, people continue to pursue a path that leads them further from their true dreams.