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Jade Butler

Jade Butler

E-RYT Registered Yoga Teacher

Jade Puckett is the lead yoga instructor in the Take5Yoga Series. Her calming manner and easy-to-follow instructions help make yoga accessible to everyone. “I wish to represent yoga with the greatest of integrity, guiding my students to continue the lineage of this ancient science. It is through this practice, we as a community, can experience unity of mind, body, & spirit.”... Jade.

For more information: Registered Yoga Teacher

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Jade Butler

  Jade Butler: Been sitting too long? Get Relief Now!
Moving your hips in various directions increases the flow of synovial fluid in your hip joints, providing relief for tight joints and muscles.

  Jade Butler: Counteract the Computer Hunch
Roll Out the Neck and Shoulders with these popular yoga desk stretches. Beneficial enough to do throughout your work day!

  Jade Butler: Desk Stretches for your Low Back
Have you been sitting at your desk way too long? Try these simple stretches to ease tension in your low back.

  Jade Butler: Ease Neck Tension at your Desk
Join Jade, registered yoga teacher, as she leads you through gentle neck stretches you can do at your desk. Take time to breathe into those tight muscles and allow more blood flow into your brain for your work ahead.

  Jade Butler: Easy & Effective Full Body Stretch
Experience the rejuvenating feeling of a full body stretch with popular yoga poses - Cat/Cow and Down Dog... right at your desk.

  Jade Butler: Eliminate Computer Hunch Forever
Ever notice how computer users hunch over their desks? Doing this too often for too long can cause permanent spine misalignment. Take just a few minutes a day to counteract "The Hunch" with shoulder openers.

  Jade Butler: Finding Strength for Your Day
Got a hard day ahead? Lots of to-do's on the list? Take some time to focus and find your inner strength. Then let the day begin!

  Jade Butler: Got a Headache? Try these great Neck Stretches
Most headaches are caused by the constriction of blood flow to the brain. Try these few neck stretches to release your tension and clear your mind.

  Jade Butler: Improve your Breathing with these Stretches
Stay where you are and enjoy these deep side bends and twists in your desk chair. You'll breathe easier and deeper in minutes.

  Jade Butler: Is your Computer a Pain in the Neck?
Why do so many computer workers complain about neck and back pain? Simple answer - we are too stationary. Enjoy these great neck stretches and say goodbye to that aching tight neck.

  Jade Butler: Letting Go - Release Stress and Tension
Yoga Instructor, Jade Puckett Butler, guides you through gentle stretches and deep breathing to release tension in shoulders, back and hips.

  Jade Butler: Making Space - Seated Yoga Stretches
Enjoy this wonderful series of easy, seated stretches led by Gentle Yoga Instructor, Jade Butler. Relieve tension in your neck, back and upper body.

  Jade Butler: Releasing Hip Tension relieves your Back
Did you know that Tight Hips are a major culprit of back pain? Try the Pigeon stretch and feel better in minutes!

  Jade Butler: Revitalize with Forward Bends
Feel the rush! Bring more blood and oxygen into your brain with some invigorating forward bends at your desk. Great for that creative project you have on your plate!

  Jade Butler: Standing Tall - Get up and Stretch
Change your work environment dynamic by standing up! Yoga Instructor, Jade Puckett Butler, encourages you to get up from your chair, stand tall with long deep stretches and balancing poses to help with concentration.

  Jade Butler: Take Time to Twist
Twisting your body is one of the easiest and best ways to release tension in your back. Join Jade as she leads you through twisting safely and comfortably in your chair. Take Time every day to twist!

  Jade Butler: Twist your Torso for Back Relief
Gentle twists condition your back for those unplanned and awkward movements when you can so easily throw your back out... Lifting groceries out of the car, picking up a child or a heavy object. Be prepared by doing these easy twists at your desk to unkink those tight areas while strengthening your back and stomach muscles.

  Jade Butler: Working out the Kinks
Feeling tied up in a knot? No time to go to the gym? Yoga Instructor, Jade Puckett Butler, selects the perfect yoga stretches for Desk Workers using your chair to stretch and unwind. Take 5 minutes and get relief so you can keep on keeping on.