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James Knight

James Knight

Certified Hanna Somatic Educator

James Knight has been involved in the field of Healing Arts for over twenty years. He facilitates Gentle Yoga through Somatic Exploration workshops and maintains a private practice out of his office in San Diego, CA. His background includes being the founder of Carlsbad Center for Awareness in North County San Diego, The Awareness Research and Training Institute in San Francisco, and a graduate of several advanced studies in the arena of mind and body therapies.

He is body oriented psychotherapist, certified Hanna Somatic Educator, massage therapist, Watsu therapist (aquatic bodywork) and yoga/meditation instructor.

James is also a professional nature photographer/videographer. Visit: www.JamesKnightPhotography.com

2-DVD Set - Gentle Yoga through Somatic Exploration Comprehensive Set

For more information: Energy Flowing

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James Knight

  James Knight: Around the Clock - Somatic Hip and Low Back Release
What we may feel as one big block of muscle in our low back and hips is really so many parts and pieces. Sitting too long in one place, this part of our body gets "locked in" and the brain thinks of it as one unit. This sequence "un-thaws" this area to give you flexibility for finer movements that will bring pain relief

  James Knight: Busting the Myth of Aging
Are you growing old before your time? Can't physically do want you "used" to do? Let James Knight, Hanna Somatics Educator, show you how you can challenge your brain and your body to gain back your mobility, flexibility and your quality of life. Check out these Myth-busting Somatic Exercises.

  James Knight: Busting the Myth of Aging - Exercises
Can it be that simple - just reconnecting your brain with your muscles will help you age slower? Follow these easy exercises to challenge your brain and your body to improve your posture and your quality of life.

  James Knight: Deep Peace Visual Meditation
Don't close your eyes for this Meditation. We share the inspiring artwork of James Knight who is joined by the angelic voice of Ashana. So... close your door, sit back and bask in peace.

  James Knight: Improve your Game, no matter what Sport
Want a better golf swing, bowling arm, tennis or racquetball motion? You can retrain your body and gain more range of motion with these simple Hanna Somatics exercises.

  James Knight: Re-program your Lower Body
Great for hikers, bikers and runners! Slow and steady Hanna Somatics exercises help you re-train the muscles of your lower hips, legs and knees to relieve tension and pain in the lower body.

  James Knight: Re-program your Upper Body
Using Hanna Somatics exercises to re-train the muscles of your
lower back, neck and shoulders will make you feel relaxed and re-aligned.

  James Knight: Realign your Body with Easy Somatics Exercises
Yes, your body can re-learn and remember its optimal state of health and good posture. Try these easy, effective movements that "train your brain" to bring you back into balance.

  James Knight: Somatic Relief for a Tight IT Ban
A common complaint of Runners is a tight IT Ban which is the myofascial connective tissue that runs along the outside of your thigh. But, even Deskworkers can experience this tightness after sitting too long. Here's an effective way to release - the Somatic way!

  James Knight: Somatic Relief for the Quadratus Lumborum (QL)
Most of back complaints are because of tight QLs and/or Sciatica. Somatic Relief to the rescue to release tension and bring fluidity and range of motion into your low back. As with all gentle somatic yoga movements, this sequence is an inward journey.

  James Knight: Somatic Twist for the Upper and Lower Back and Neck
Wring out tension and stress with this slow, methodical supine twist. Close your eyes and go inward to explore the gentle release with every movement,calming your nervous system. Guided by Hanna Somatics expert, James Knight, find more freedom of movement in your back, shoulders and neck

  James Knight: Watch and Listen: Visual Meditation
Nature surrounds us, but often times we are moving too fast to stop and take notice. Sit back and let nature show you its splendor.

  James Knight: What is Somatics?
Do you ever notice people's postures standing in a grocery line? Hunched over, sway backed, or leaning to one side. Most likely, their life patterns, movements and even occupations have imprinted on their bodies. Try these Hanna Somatics exercises to realign your body!

  James Knight: Why and How Somatic Exercises & Gentle Yoga Work together
Do you have aches and pains that never seem to go away? Maybe some past injury, repetitive motion or stress etched itself into your body. Somatics can help! Learn how to reverse old habitual patterns and re-empower your muscle coordination.