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Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons

CEO and Founder

Thirty years and 3,000,000 pounds later, Richard Simmons is still going strong. Using his unique wit, passion and enthusiasm, Simmons, the nation's most revered fitness expert, continues his crusade to reach out to the masses, encouraging them to take control of their fitness destiny. Delivering a serious message with his trademark humor, Simmons has helped millions of overweight men and women lose close to 3,000,000 pounds by adopting sensible balanced eating programs and exercise regimes that are energetic, fun and motivating.

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Richard Simmons

  Richard Simmons: Fun Stretches for Desk Workers
Who says working at your desk can't be fun? Richard Simmons uses his wit and humor to lead a fun series of stretches specifically for computer users. No need to go to his gym - you can do them right where you are!

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The Master of Movement, Richard Simmons, leads kids in creative ways to get them up, moving and having fun.

  Richard Simmons: Real Talk on Food Choices
The office and work environment is packed with food temptations. We all share this common challenge. Richard Simmons shares his personal story on weight, diet and how to make wise food choices.