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Joy Glazier

Joy Glazier

Dental Hygienist and Nutrition Counselor

Joy Glazier is a Registered Dental Hygienist and has been practicing for over 20 years. As a health practioner, she has had the opportunity to see and counsel many patients on the affects of nutrition in overall health. She stresses the role of antioxidants in achieving a balanced and healthy body and encourages her patients and customers to "eat the rainbow" for good health.

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Joy Glazier

  Joy Glazier: Antioxidants 101
You have heard lots about the importance of including Antioxidants in your diet. But, let's talk basics. Joy Glazier lays it out in simple terms like "eat the rainbow" and "eat anything with sunshine". Get motivated to make those small changes in your food choices, today.

  Joy Glazier: Tips for Healthy Teeth and Healthy Kids
Join Dental Hygienist, Joy Glazier, as she talks "kid talk" about proper dental care. Joy's CSI-style gets kids thinking about proper dental habits and what can happen when those nasty bacteria come play havoc in your mouth.

  Joy Glazier: Trends in Nutrition - where are we Today?
What is that about history repeating itself? Did you know that the nutrition trends we have experienced in the last 50 years have gone full circle? Take a timeline trip with Joy Glazier as she shares, with humor and doses of common sense, where we are today - and where we have been, in the area of nutrition and dieting.

  Joy Glazier: Yes, Healthy Chocolate! Indulge!
You've heard it recently, haven't you? That chocolate is HEALTHY. Well, let's take a deep dive and understand that there is a difference between chocolate-favored candy and the REAL stuff that comes from the cacao plant. Learn and then enjoy chocolate - guilt free!