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Mary Delmege

Mary Delmege


Mary Delmege works with courts and community organizations as a Mediator in Southern California. She recently retired as Director for nine US Commercial Service offices in Southern California and Hawaii.

For more information: Mary Delmege, Mediator

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Mary Delmege

  Mary Delmege: Are you putting your Passions on Hold?
Passion and joy are very much like muscles – when you stop exercising them, they tend to atrophy. 

  Mary Delmege: Create Your Own Job
Laid off? Needing to look for the next job? Start your journey now. Introspection can help you discover what you are capable of and who you really are. And you may find yourself really learning to love the new work you have created!

  Mary Delmege: Do I have to be an A+ player?
If you are so busy with your career that you can’t carry on other important parts of your life, you are moving too fast. 

  Mary Delmege: How to Help Children Resolve Conflict
Mediator, Mary Delmege, spends her days helping resolve conflicts between adults. Now, she sheds an interesting light on how to teach children the important aspects of conflict resolution, so that they can become practical peacemakers.

  Mary Delmege: I get by with a little help from my friends...
A number of studies have shown that people with strong social networks tend to have fewer health problems, lower stress levels and longer lives, sort of friends as vitamins... But there’s something else that I’ve noticed.

  Mary Delmege: Impractical activities really serve an important purpose in our lives
Every day as we set out to save our little corner of the world by going to work and taking care of the endless to-do list that we all carry, we may also decide to put off ...

  Mary Delmege: Jack of all Trades, Master of None?
More and more people I meet seem to have multiple occupations. The old getting-to-know-you questions of “What do you do?” no longer has a simple short answer.

  Mary Delmege: Navigating Transitions
Sometimes the most feared and dreaded transition opens doors that we never expected and allows us to grow in directions that we never imagined.

  Mary Delmege: Office Politics – Good or Evil?
No matter where you work, the issue of “office politics” is always present. The real question is, is this a bad thing or a good thing. 

  Mary Delmege: Resolving Conflict in a Fair and Practical Way
Learn tools to help resolve disputes in ongoing relationships such as co-workers, neighbors and family members. Join Mediator, Mary Delmege, as she discusses ways to live more peacefully together.

  Mary Delmege: Should I bring work on vacation?
Take a look at three common excuses for bringing your work on vacation.

  Mary Delmege: Work to Live or Live to Work – What’s your style?
I had a good friend, Tony, who’s philosophy is that he works to live. He’s a happy person and he leaves the office behind. On the other end of the continuum is the person that lives to work...