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Greg Betts

Greg Betts

Motivational Speaker and Executive Coach

What becomes possible for your organization when leaders and employees know how to consistently tap into this source within themselves, and translate this tremendous storehouse of capability directly into the programs and actions that matter most to their success? Through results-based consulting services, inspirational keynote and event speaking, powerful executive coaching and the breakthrough Creating an Upward Spiral training program, Greg Betts will help you rediscover lost passion and transform it into the business results you really want!

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Greg Betts

  Greg Betts: Find and Mind the Gap in your Thoughts
Feeling overwhelmed or frustrated? Or both? Take 5 minutes to tap into your true power source through a simple guided meditation. The more we access our power source, the easier it is to get there whenever we need it. Come back refreshed and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

  Greg Betts: Get Rid of Stress at its Roots
Go from nuts to calm in 5 minutes. Find how three simple steps can help you release stress.

  Greg Betts: Re-discover your Desire at Work
What do you do when the passion is gone? Greg Betts, Executive Coach, teaches you simple, effective ways to find your passion and power at work - once again.