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Mary Cavanaugh

Mary Cavanaugh

Registered Yoga Teacher

Mary Cavanaugh, nationally recognized yoga instructor, video producer and local TV yoga celebrity is the creator of an inspiring collection of videos tapes and television programs focused on staying healthy with Yoga and Meditation. She is the co-founder of YogaJP, an organization dedicated to sharing Yoga to seniors and people with physical challenges.

Mary passed away in 2005 at the age of 84, leaving a legacy of yoga and wellness through her yoga videos and television programs.

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Mary Cavanaugh

  Mary Cavanaugh: Gentle Yoga for Everyone
Preview of 3 Gentle Yoga for Everyone videos. Great for active seniors, or people fairly new to yoga. Recorded at 82 years young, Mary guides you through traditional yoga poses to increase your flexibility, strength and stamina.

  Mary Cavanaugh: Gentle Yoga for Seniors
Preview of 3 Gentle Yoga for Seniors videos. Recorded at 82 years young, Mary guides you through easy, gentle movements to increase your mobility, posture and confidence. Great for Seniors and the Physically Challenged!

  Mary Cavanaugh: Rainbow Meditation
Somewhere over the Rainbow is just where you want to escape at times. Join Mary Cavanaugh, 82-Yr old Yoga TV celebrity, as she takes you on a mind's eye journey through the colors of the rainbow that will calm and revitalize you.

  Mary Cavanaugh: Relax at Work? Is that an Oxymoron?
No time to relax at work? That is when you need it the most. Join Mary Cavanaugh, 82-yr old Yoga TV celebrity, as she guides you through a deep muscle relaxation process to release stress and restore your energy.

  Mary Cavanaugh: Yoga Keeps Seniors Mobile!
I have realized the one thing that matters most in life is a positive attitude. I have worked with seniors and people with disabilities or injuries who have overcome physical challenges through the power of their will.