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  James Knight: Deep Peace Visual Meditation
Don't close your eyes for this Meditation. We share the inspiring artwork of James Knight who is joined by the angelic voice of Ashana. So... close your door, sit back and bask in peace.

  Debbie Barnett: Balance your Brain with your Breath
The Left nostril is tied to the right (analytical) side of your brain, and the Right nostril to the left (creative) side. One is often more dominant than the other depending on what you are doing/feeling. Alternate Nostril Breathing brings your brain into balance. Try it...it works!

  Debbie Barnett: Relax with Silent Chanting
When was the last time you hummed? Truly, humming sets off a vibration that is calming and relaxing. Close your eyes and try these different sounds, either audibly or silently, to shift your mood.

  Debbie Barnett: Mandala Coloring to Spark your Creative Energy
If you are stumped on a creative project, or just need to infuse some out-of-the-box thinking... kickstart your creativity and get out your crayons or colored markers!

  Debbie Barnett: Walking Meditation Anywhere You Are
Is it hard to make time to just get out and walk? Too cold, no space, no companion, no interest? When you are feeling overwhelmed, sluggish or grumpy ... you need a change of scenery! Get up and Walk it out!

  Justine Shelton: Savasana right now
In yoga, savasana is a pose of stillness that helps rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. But, you can always benefit from a little stillness wherever you are. Take a short break and enjoy the music and peace.

  James Knight: Watch and Listen: Visual Meditation
Nature surrounds us, but often times we are moving too fast to stop and take notice. Sit back and let nature show you its splendor.

  Julia Tanner Ivanovna: A Vacation in your Mind's Eye
Sit back and enjoy your visit to the beach. Gently guided by Julia, you will be transported to the ocean with the sound of the waves, birds and the nature that surrounds you. End your visit with a beautiful rainbow sunset. This Meditation included on the Gentle Flow Yoga DVD with Julia, available at http://www.YogaJP.com.

  Max Simon: Meditation and the Self-Centered Tour
Learn to meditate and your world can instantly change. Can't stop the constant commotion in your mind? See how, in the midst of the hustle-bustle of life, you can find the quietness inside.

  Laura Bonetzky-Joseph: What Do We Hear when We Listen?
What do we hear when we listen? To others? To outside resources like tv or radio? To our own inner thoughts? Take a moment and stop, listen, and observe. Listen to how your body responds. Stay in the present moment.…

  Dr. Barbara Cox: Long Hours at Work?
Find ways to avoid conflict and stress at work - especially for those who work long hours where tension is high. Join Dr. Barbara Cox as she guides you through active steps you can take right now, at your desk, to reduce stress.

  Edwige Gilbert: The 3C’s: Mindfulness Meditation
Yes, you can find 5 minutes of quiet meditation right at your desk. Join Edwidge and explore the 3C’s of Mindfulness Meditation.

  Max Simon: Ah-Ha Moment
I woke up this morning with an extremely profound realization and there's a distinct possibility that this little piece of knowledge could completely and totally change your life forever.

  Loren M. Gelberg-Goff: Self-Esteem - Facing the messages that undermine you
Honoring your self-worth while facing negativity, stress and tension, is a big part of your journey...

  Garry Alesio: Conquer Stress through Ujjaya Breathing
When done properly, Ujjayi (translated as "victorious") breathing should be both energizing and relaxing. But it really is confusing at first. Garry shares some insight and tips into making this effective breathing exercise a natural stress-reducing solution.

  Holly Hill: Insomnia Relief
Did you know that your lifestyle patterns and your bedroom environment affect your sleeping patterns? Learn simple, easy changes and get a good night's rest.

  Max Simon: Some People aren't Supposed to be Leaders
Our society has become very focused on what we "should do" rather than what we "want to do." Parents, schools, media, and businesses all encourage you to keep "rising to the top", despite how you feel wherever you're at.

  Loren M. Gelberg-Goff: Can you Trust your Intuition?
How do you know what your next steps are supposed to be? Can you trust what your heart, gut &/or intuition tell you they are? Are you ready to face yourself and your life with a new and different attitude?
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