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  Julia Tanner Ivanovna: Energize with Your Breath - Right where you are!
Once you are done with this short breathing practice you will understand why it is called Breath of Joy. Make sure to include the vocal part to really feel the lift!

  Lisette Hart: Prana: Breathing in to Bring in More Energy
Learn a simple breathing technique to accentuate the inhalation to bring in more life and energy into our bodies, into our day.

  Helice “Sparky” Bridges: Gentle Yoga Tri-athlete at Age 68
68 years young…spiritual Tri-athlete wishing you grand slam home run FUN…first spirit, then mind and body. No matter what our age is, we are the athletes that the world needs most…wisdom, kindness makes us forever young.

  Sherry Zak Morris: How to Heal From an Injury
Did you know most injuries are caused by either "trying too hard physically" or doing some movement in a misaligned sort of way? If you are injured, here are some tips on how to heal.

  Sherry Zak Morris: Top 4 Reasons People Dont Do Yoga
When people find out I am a yoga teacher, I somehow bring out the guilt in them and they share with me the reasons why they don't do yoga, or at least...not now. Here are the top four comments I hear:

  James Knight: Around the Clock - Somatic Hip and Low Back Release
What we may feel as one big block of muscle in our low back and hips is really so many parts and pieces. Sitting too long in one place, this part of our body gets "locked in" and the brain thinks of it as one unit. This sequence "un-thaws" this area to give you flexibility for finer movements that will bring pain relief

  Christa Orecchio: Snacking is Good for You
Don't feel guilty about snacking - it is one of the healthiest things you can do. From salty, to crunchy to sweet - what you choose makes the difference.

  Carla Mills: Down with the Flu - Some Tips for You
Are you down with the flu, or someone close to you is? We think we should just grin and bear it and keep on keeping on. But, what price are we really paying by pushing ourselves?

  Christa Orecchio: Avoiding the Afternoon Crash: Sugar Blues
Learn 5 things you can do when sugar cravings hit in the middle of your work day.

  Dr. Ray Angelini: Wellness an Antidote in stressful times
What follows are 10 suggestions offered by Penny Paltz in her book, Wellness Works! In it, she offers some of the best and most practical advice I have read on the subject. Try to see which tips relate the most to you.

  Dr. Jay Warren: Your Lifestyle Affects Your Children
Children do model our behaviors so let’s set the best possible example for them by eating right, exercising properly, having a positive attitude and...

  Holly Hill: Insomnia Relief
Did you know that your lifestyle patterns and your bedroom environment affect your sleeping patterns? Learn simple, easy changes and get a good night's rest.

  Deborah Wilder: Trust Your Inner Pharmacy
Have you ever craved something salty, sweet, leafy, crunchy, etc.? Your body knows what it needs - so follow its lead and learn how wise our inner pharmacist really is.

  Jade Butler: Is your Computer a Pain in the Neck?
Why do so many computer workers complain about neck and back pain? Simple answer - we are too stationary. Enjoy these great neck stretches and say goodbye to that aching tight neck.

  Jade Butler: Take Time to Twist
Twisting your body is one of the easiest and best ways to release tension in your back. Join Jade as she leads you through twisting safely and comfortably in your chair. Take Time every day to twist!

  James Knight: Busting the Myth of Aging
Are you growing old before your time? Can't physically do want you "used" to do? Let James Knight, Hanna Somatics Educator, show you how you can challenge your brain and your body to gain back your mobility, flexibility and your quality of life. Check out these Myth-busting Somatic Exercises.

  Dr. Britta Zimmer: Sleep Your Stress Away!
You’re home from your long, hectic day feeling worn out ... what do you do next?

  Dr. Tea (Mark Ukra): Health and Weight Loss Benefits of Tea
Dr. Tea lets us in on the health secrets of tea. What makes tea so healthy, how it maintains beautiful skin, and how does it really help us lose weight?
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