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  Matt Weinstein: Work Like Your Dog
Take a moment to think about how your own dog actually spends his days. Your dog has a pretty good life, and it would be your lucky day if you could work like your dog! Everything is new, everything is exciting, everything is fun to your dog.

  Chris Brown: Balancing the Broomstick
Ever thought you could equate life to balancing a broomstick? Tricky at times! But what about if life hands you a sledge hammer or an I-beam to balance? Gain some useful insight from Chris Brown, Humorist Extraordinaire, on how to handle life's challenges.

  Kim Corbin: Do You Dare... Skip?
Here is a great way to break free from your cubicle! No matter where you live, you can participate in one of the country's forgotten past-times - skipping. Even if you don't dare... catch these people who do!

  Julie Blake: How to get your Kids to Wear their Seat Belts
Tired of all the bribes and threats? Here is a creative, fun and no-brainer way to get your kids to listen up and snap on their seat belts. Moms tune in!

  Frank Hooks: Death to the Goodie Bag
For anyone who has had the " joy" of creating a goodie bag for their kids' birthday parties - Find out how this Dad Blogger thinks this crazy tradition started.

  Chris Brown: How to Save Your Marriage
Do you know it is the little things you do every day for your spouse that can keep your marriage on the right track? Join Humorist, Chris Brown, as he gives you a guy's view of making compromises that matter.

  Chris Brown: Fear is easier to overcome with Someone at your Side
Humorist Extraordinaire, Chris Brown, gives you a kid's eye view of what fear is - and how, as adults, we can conquer it with someone by our side.

  Frank Hooks: Hey Boo Boo! It's Yogi Dad!
I told a friend of mine about me trying yoga. He jokingly told me that my wife had finally sucked the last bit of manliness out of me. Funny. Why can't a man do yoga? I did.

  Matt Weinstein: More to Life than Money
Find out what Bernie Madoff Couldn't Steal. Matt shares his shock and dismay... and how he deals with the stress of losing it all.

  Richard Simmons: Fun Stretches for Desk Workers
Who says working at your desk can't be fun? Richard Simmons uses his wit and humor to lead a fun series of stretches specifically for computer users. No need to go to his gym - you can do them right where you are!

  Mimi Donaldson: When a Couple Cannot See Eye to Eye
Check out this scenario - a couple leaving on vacation to the same destination on the same flight... but driving two separate cars. Why? See if you don't see a bit of yourself in this humorous scene.

  Matt Weinstein: What Dogs Teach Us About Work and Play
There are very few things that are certain in this lifetime, but here is one of them: I will get tired of throwing the ball long before my dogs are tired of chasing after it.

  Guest Presenter: Surfing Dogs Take5
Good Livin is just not for people! Take a break from your day to shift your mood with these fun-lovin surfing dogs hanging ten (err, twenty) in the ocean waters of San Diego, California.

  Richard Simmons: Fun Ways to Get Kids Moving
The Master of Movement, Richard Simmons, leads kids in creative ways to get them up, moving and having fun.

  Chris Brown: What does a Monkey on your Back really look like?
Humorist extraordinaire, Chris Brown, is back with a video moment everyone can appreciate! Join him as he demonstrates what it truly means to have a "monkey on your back"! Our bad habits will never look the same!