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  Justine Shelton: Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Low Back
Low back pain, tightness and discomfort can stop you from enjoying your everyday activities. Arthritis, spinal misalignment and intervertebral disc issues are common as we age, and a daily yoga practice can keep your low back flexible and comfortable so you can continue doing the things you love!

  Lisette Hart: Practical Anatomy: Understanding your Neck Pain from the inside out!
Your neck is one of the most mobile joints in your body, but often times it can feel like the stiffest joint! See what your neck is doing on the inside while you sit and work. Learn just slight adjustments to your posture that can ease that stiff neck!

  Lisette Hart: Practical Anatomy: Is Your Posture Aggravating Your Back Pain?
Take a peak at what your spine looks like on the inside... while you sit, stand and do your daily activities. Perhaps you will learn why your postural habits could be aggravating your back pain.

  Lisette Hart: Practical Anatomy: Low Back and Hips Basics
What is causing your low back pain? Is it your hamstrings? Is it your posture? Is it your repetitive movement patterns? Learn the basics of low back and hip movements with this practical anatomy lesson.

  Julia Tanner Ivanovna: Release Tension in the Joints of your Arms
Been working too long? Feeling a bit sluggish? Time for your Stretch Break! Stand up and enjoy these easy and effective stretches for all the joints in your arms.

  Lisette Hart: Practical Anatomy: Get the Curve Back in your Neck
Through simple habit changes, we can slowly bring that healthy curve back into our neck. Come look on the inside of the neck to see how it works and what you can do to relieve your neck pain.

  Lisette Hart: Practical Anatomy: How to Sit to Support Your Low Back
If you have low back, neck or shoulder pain - alot of that pain can be caused by how you sit. Whether at the computer, watching TV or driving - your posture can over-ride the natural curves in your spine. Learn a few tips to help you Sit with a Smile!

  Lisette Hart: Practical Anatomy: Your Thoracic Spine supports Safe Twisting
Learn how and why your thoracic spine should be doing your back twists and not your low back. You might find just making a simple adjustment to the way you twist can help alleviate your low back pain.

  Dr. Jay Warren: Pain Points, Down Dogs, Fiery Phoenixes
That day I reached my breaking point. I had tolerated the nagging pain for months and it wasn't getting any better. Surprise, surprise: it was getting worse.

  Sherry Zak Morris: Take Care of your Tools: Your Hands!
What is the most valuable tool that you use every day? Nope, it is not a screwdriver or a wrench - it is your hands! Daily stretches for your fingers, hands, wrists and arms can keep arthritis at bay.

  Sherry Zak Morris: Anatomy of the Deskworker: Maladies of your Mouse Arm
A team of Movement Experts from the Yoga Vista Academy weigh in on how anatomical movements of a deskworker can result in physical issues and challenges. This introductory video looks at repetitive movement and static positioning of your mouse arm as a contributor to carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder impingements.

  James Knight: Somatic Relief for a Tight IT Ban
A common complaint of Runners is a tight IT Ban which is the myofascial connective tissue that runs along the outside of your thigh. But, even Deskworkers can experience this tightness after sitting too long. Here's an effective way to release - the Somatic way!

  Justine Shelton: Forward Bending Can Make or Break your Back: Gentle Yoga Tips for Bending Safely
Back injuries and back pain can get aggravated by improper alignment when bending forward, and not just in a Yoga class. In every day life, we bend to pick and lift things up, put on our shoes, unplug a wall socket or get the dust bunnies from under the couch. These tips will help keep your back safe when bending - whether standing or sitting.

  James Knight: Around the Clock - Somatic Hip and Low Back Release
What we may feel as one big block of muscle in our low back and hips is really so many parts and pieces. Sitting too long in one place, this part of our body gets "locked in" and the brain thinks of it as one unit. This sequence "un-thaws" this area to give you flexibility for finer movements that will bring pain relief

  Justine Shelton: Reasons and Remedies for Tight Shoulders: Perhaps your Infraspinatus Muscle is working too Hard
From Deskworkers to Massage Therapists to anyone else who uses their upper body for extended periods of time, learn why your shoulders become tight and sore, and what movements and remedies can make you feel better! Your neck will be happier too! Remember, it's all connected.

  Jade Butler: Counteract the Computer Hunch
Roll Out the Neck and Shoulders with these popular yoga desk stretches. Beneficial enough to do throughout your work day!

  Dr. Jay Warren: Is it My Head, My Eyes or My Monitor?
If you have headaches or eyestrain towards the end of your work day, your computer monitor may be the culprit. Dr. Jay will open your eyes to a new way of looking at your monitor.

  Dr. Jay Warren: Easy Stretches at Your Desk
Relieve neck and back tension with these easy stretches you can do at your desk. Join Dr. Jay as he leads you through simple, yet effective, stretches to release stress in your tight muscles.
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