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  Lisette Hart: Practical Anatomy: Understanding your Neck Pain from the inside out!
Your neck is one of the most mobile joints in your body, but often times it can feel like the stiffest joint! See what your neck is doing on the inside while you sit and work. Learn just slight adjustments to your posture that can ease that stiff neck!

  Debbie Barnett: Walking Meditation Anywhere You Are
Is it hard to make time to just get out and walk? Too cold, no space, no companion, no interest? When you are feeling overwhelmed, sluggish or grumpy ... you need a change of scenery! Get up and Walk it out!

  Stephanie Zito: Somatic Movements to Exercise Your Brain
Ever feel stuck in a rut? Want to get out of your comfort zone and don't know how? Maybe your left-brain (the organized, linear side of ourselves) is too much in control. Try these movements to work both sides of your brain to find better balance in your life.

  Lisette Hart: Apana: Breathing out to Let Go
Feeling Stressed? Learn this effective breathing technique to help you calm down, slow down and feel healthier. Focusing on the exhalation brings your body and mind into a state of ease.

  Stephanie Zito: Hooping as a Moving Meditation
Do you need to clear your mind of that monkey chatter and clutter? Watch and learn 3 Hoola Hooping movements that are sure to shift you out of your old way of thinking into something new and exciting.

  Andrew Mackey: Efficient Fitness Solutions for Lean Times
Just because the national economy is in a down-phase, doesn’t mean your body and fitness have to plummet as well. Consider this option - an online trainer or coach!

  Helice “Sparky” Bridges: Gentle Yoga Tri-athlete at Age 68
68 years young…spiritual Tri-athlete wishing you grand slam home run FUN…first spirit, then mind and body. No matter what our age is, we are the athletes that the world needs most…wisdom, kindness makes us forever young.

  Paula Montalvo: 79-yr Old Chair Yoga Teacher Gets Seniors Moving Again
If you someone who has never done yoga before, or thinks they are too old, too stiff, or not strong enough, have them check this out! The Gentle Chair Yoga Seated Series is the perfect way for everyone to obtain yoga's great health benefits.

  Paula Montalvo: If you can stand, you can do yoga!
Stay Fit and Flexible with Yoga! Great for Seniors and Midlifers! Each pose in the Gentle Chair Yoga Standing Series is designed to be used with a chair for support - or you can let go and have fun! Yea, even at your desk you can do this!

  James Knight: Why and How Somatic Exercises & Gentle Yoga Work together
Do you have aches and pains that never seem to go away? Maybe some past injury, repetitive motion or stress etched itself into your body. Somatics can help! Learn how to reverse old habitual patterns and re-empower your muscle coordination.

  Justine Shelton: 2 Stretches for the Piriformis to relieve knee and low back pain
One of the most common back complaints is sciatic pain. Try these 2 gentle yoga versions of "Pigeon Pose" to stretch the piriformis muscle. Great to do each day to alleviate tightening of the lower back and relieve tension from hip to foot.

  Dr. Jay Warren: Pain Points, Down Dogs, Fiery Phoenixes
That day I reached my breaking point. I had tolerated the nagging pain for months and it wasn't getting any better. Surprise, surprise: it was getting worse.

  Sherry Zak Morris: How to Heal From an Injury
Did you know most injuries are caused by either "trying too hard physically" or doing some movement in a misaligned sort of way? If you are injured, here are some tips on how to heal.

  Sherry Zak Morris: Top 4 Reasons People Dont Do Yoga
When people find out I am a yoga teacher, I somehow bring out the guilt in them and they share with me the reasons why they don't do yoga, or at least...not now. Here are the top four comments I hear:

  James Knight: Around the Clock - Somatic Hip and Low Back Release
What we may feel as one big block of muscle in our low back and hips is really so many parts and pieces. Sitting too long in one place, this part of our body gets "locked in" and the brain thinks of it as one unit. This sequence "un-thaws" this area to give you flexibility for finer movements that will bring pain relief

  James Knight: Somatic Relief for the Quadratus Lumborum (QL)
Most of back complaints are because of tight QLs and/or Sciatica. Somatic Relief to the rescue to release tension and bring fluidity and range of motion into your low back. As with all gentle somatic yoga movements, this sequence is an inward journey.

  Andrew Mackey: Outdoor Workout - Part 1
What better way to get some exercise and the healthy rays of the sun than working-out outdoors! Holistic Personal Trainer, Andrew Mackey, guides you through a 6-step process to getting your exercise in the true outdoors. See more in Part 2 of the Mackey Outdoor Workout.

  Eric Hilliard: The Crunch, Bridge & Plank - Pump it up!
In the second part of this series, Certified Personal Trainer Eric Hilliard provides tips to increase the challenge and the benefits of the 3 most common work-out exercises: The Crunch, The Bridge and The Plank.
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