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New Attitudes

  Judy Martin: Redefining your career, business or personal success in a chaotic world
Thriving is no longer just associated with the pinnacle of financial success, it’s the ability to progress or evolve in other ways.

  Judy Martin: Create the Work You Love
Work should make you feel exalted and satisfied and is an organic evolution of our being. The Job for Life is long gone. Are you ready to discover a new way of work?

  Stephanie Zito: Hooping as a Moving Meditation
Do you need to clear your mind of that monkey chatter and clutter? Watch and learn 3 Hoola Hooping movements that are sure to shift you out of your old way of thinking into something new and exciting.

  Helice “Sparky” Bridges: Is There More to Life Than Work?
Helice Bridges tells a true-life story that is guaranteed to change your perspective on life and work.

  Nanice Ellis: Boot Camp: Week 2 – Get Real & Tell the Truth!
Every obstacle you overcome helps you become the person you need to be in order to attract your perfect life. The first step in overcoming your obstacles is simply aligning yourself with your own truth.

  Christa Orecchio: Avoiding the Afternoon Crash: Sugar Blues
Learn 5 things you can do when sugar cravings hit in the middle of your work day.

  Mary Delmege: I get by with a little help from my friends...
A number of studies have shown that people with strong social networks tend to have fewer health problems, lower stress levels and longer lives, sort of friends as vitamins... But there’s something else that I’ve noticed.

  Max Simon: Ah-Ha Moment
I woke up this morning with an extremely profound realization and there's a distinct possibility that this little piece of knowledge could completely and totally change your life forever.

  Mary Delmege: How to Help Children Resolve Conflict
Mediator, Mary Delmege, spends her days helping resolve conflicts between adults. Now, she sheds an interesting light on how to teach children the important aspects of conflict resolution, so that they can become practical peacemakers.

  Dr. Ray Angelini: Wellness an Antidote in stressful times
What follows are 10 suggestions offered by Penny Paltz in her book, Wellness Works! In it, she offers some of the best and most practical advice I have read on the subject. Try to see which tips relate the most to you.

  Loren M. Gelberg-Goff: Self-Esteem - Facing the messages that undermine you
Honoring your self-worth while facing negativity, stress and tension, is a big part of your journey...

  Marlene Chism: Financial Frenzy Drama Got You Worried?
It’s easy to let negative news suck you into a whirlwind of fear and frenzy. It’s easy to forget that your number one job in the face of an apparent crisis is to take care of yourself.

  Mimi Donaldson: Bless Your Stress: It Means You're Still Alive!
Stress is an internal response to an external event. The traffic jam is your external event, and all your responses are the ones you label “stress”. Since the externals seldom change, how do we change our internal response?

  Dr. Elizabeth Fried: Are you Lacking Self-Esteem?
Series #5 - Do you have the if onlies? Ever found yourself saying 'Once I have that promotion, that corner office, that bonus, things will be perfect.' Or - 'If only this person would....'

  Allison Maslan: Losing Your Job Could Be A Blessing!
What seemingly appears to be a terrible scenario may be the exact jolt you need to take matters into your own hands and become an entrepreneur. Many successful companies launched in a down economy. Since we spend almost 75,000 hours during our working life, shouldn't we love our work?

  Dr. Elizabeth Fried: Are you Needing to be Right?
Series #10 - Needing to have all of the answers comes from not recognizing the difference between thinking with our minds and knowing from our deepest level of our soul.

  Stephen McGhee: Be the President of Your Own Life
Your life is not ruled by who is in the Oval Office. Take 5 minutes and see your life perspective challenged and changed... for the better!

  Brett Farmiloe: From Accountant to Goat Breeder
Linda Harrison worked 15 years as an accountant before realizing that she wouldn't be happy until she was working outside. So she purchased The Green Pastures goat Farm and has been operating it happily ever since.
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