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Yoga Teacher Tips

  Lisette Hart: Practical Anatomy: Low Back and Hips Basics
What is causing your low back pain? Is it your hamstrings? Is it your posture? Is it your repetitive movement patterns? Learn the basics of low back and hip movements with this practical anatomy lesson.

  Julia Tanner Ivanovna: Energize with Your Breath - Right where you are!
Once you are done with this short breathing practice you will understand why it is called Breath of Joy. Make sure to include the vocal part to really feel the lift!

  Lisette Hart: Practical Anatomy: Get the Curve Back in your Neck
Through simple habit changes, we can slowly bring that healthy curve back into our neck. Come look on the inside of the neck to see how it works and what you can do to relieve your neck pain.

  Stephanie Zito: Somatic Movements to Exercise Your Brain
Ever feel stuck in a rut? Want to get out of your comfort zone and don't know how? Maybe your left-brain (the organized, linear side of ourselves) is too much in control. Try these movements to work both sides of your brain to find better balance in your life.

  Lisette Hart: Prana: Breathing in to Bring in More Energy
Learn a simple breathing technique to accentuate the inhalation to bring in more life and energy into our bodies, into our day.

  Lisette Hart: Apana: Breathing out to Let Go
Feeling Stressed? Learn this effective breathing technique to help you calm down, slow down and feel healthier. Focusing on the exhalation brings your body and mind into a state of ease.

  Jade Butler: Counteract the Computer Hunch
Roll Out the Neck and Shoulders with these popular yoga desk stretches. Beneficial enough to do throughout your work day!

  Jade Butler: Desk Stretches for your Low Back
Have you been sitting at your desk way too long? Try these simple stretches to ease tension in your low back.

  Garry Alesio: Breathing Techniques to Reduce Stress
Learn to master any situation - from airport hassles, to long lines at the grocery store to stressful meetings - simply with the power of your breathe. Join Hatha Yoga Teacher, Garry Alesio, as he steps you through the basics of deep breathing.