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Money Sen$e

  Marlene Chism: Financial Frenzy Drama Got You Worried?
It’s easy to let negative news suck you into a whirlwind of fear and frenzy. It’s easy to forget that your number one job in the face of an apparent crisis is to take care of yourself.

  Dr. Ray Angelini: 7 Steps to More Success
Success involves seven basic steps, which on the surface appear to be fairly "simple," but are often not "easy." They are as follows:

  Brett Farmiloe: Life of a Hedge Fund Manager
Whitney Johnson describes her life on Wall Street. "Don't be afraid - go out and try it! It's your life, don't let anyone else hold you down."

  Clarky Davis: Frugal is the New Black
"Frugal is the new black" - which means you can make living on a budget stylish and fun. It's chic to be cheap with the economic challenges we're facing.

  Matt Weinstein: More to Life than Money
Find out what Bernie Madoff Couldn't Steal. Matt shares his shock and dismay... and how he deals with the stress of losing it all.

  Clarky Davis: Tips for saving money while spreading holiday cheer
Many consumers are looking to cut costs without compromising the Christmas cheer. Find out how you can do both this year.

  Dr. Ray Angelini: Opportunities Abound Even in a Recession
The Chinese word for crisis consists of two symbols, one meaning “danger” and the other “opportunity.” When we are confronted with tough economic times, we have basically two choices.

  Clarky Davis: Inexpensive Ways to Get Fit
Don't have money for a gym membership? Here are 10 tips to pump up your workouts without spending a dime!

  Spencer Sherman: How To Get Your Family's Finances in Order Now! For 2009
Our kids inherit more than our eye color and height—they also inherit how we think about money and how we behave with money.

  Judy Martin: What is a Work Life Nation?
We’re more connected, and our workplace is evolving, entrepreneurs abound and many work from home. Be it baby boomer, Gen X or Gen Y, many thirst for more meaningful work, but demand more family and me time. The lines have blurred in the quest for success, serenity and significance in our worklife.

  Chellie Campbell: The Wealthy Spirit
Six keys to remove all stress about $ so you can enjoy what you have!