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  Helice “Sparky” Bridges: Really? One person can change the world?
One bad apple can ruin the bunch, but what about if that apple can turn good? Listen how that happened with a school bully and how so many lives were changed... in less than a minute.

  Dr. Ray Angelini: Achieving happiness, success as a dual-career couple
I believe that the greatest challenge for most couples has been how to balance the demands of career and relationships in order to achieve a fulfilling and economically viable life.

  Mary Delmege: I get by with a little help from my friends...
A number of studies have shown that people with strong social networks tend to have fewer health problems, lower stress levels and longer lives, sort of friends as vitamins... But there’s something else that I’ve noticed.

  Mary Delmege: How to Help Children Resolve Conflict
Mediator, Mary Delmege, spends her days helping resolve conflicts between adults. Now, she sheds an interesting light on how to teach children the important aspects of conflict resolution, so that they can become practical peacemakers.

  Catherine VanWetter: Understanding the Teenager in Your Life
We have moved away from the nuclear family of communicating around the dinner table, and into “on the run” communication through text messaging and brief phone calls to touch base. While the worldwide web of communication has its benefits....

  Dr. Jay Warren: Your Lifestyle Affects Your Children
Children do model our behaviors so let’s set the best possible example for them by eating right, exercising properly, having a positive attitude and...

  Marcie Fraser: I do Everything for Everybody else and I never seem to take care of me!
I believe that because women have a womb, we are mandated to be able to do five things at once. Men? Well, I will just say the word; MONO-thought; one thing at a time.

  Loren M. Gelberg-Goff: Adolescence - Joys and Challenges
"The only thing more difficult than being a teenager is being a parent of one". This statement is true on many levels, because in so many ways we relive those years and want our children to benefit from what we have experienced.

  Julie Blake: How to get your Kids to Wear their Seat Belts
Tired of all the bribes and threats? Here is a creative, fun and no-brainer way to get your kids to listen up and snap on their seat belts. Moms tune in!

  Frank Hooks: Death to the Goodie Bag
For anyone who has had the " joy" of creating a goodie bag for their kids' birthday parties - Find out how this Dad Blogger thinks this crazy tradition started.

  Chris Brown: How to Save Your Marriage
Do you know it is the little things you do every day for your spouse that can keep your marriage on the right track? Join Humorist, Chris Brown, as he gives you a guy's view of making compromises that matter.

  Tashia White: Moms with small children! Here are 5 Must-Haves
When we become MOMS many of us write off the opportunity to take time for ourselves. We think that because we can’t set aside an hour+ of CONTINOUS time a day that we should just accept the fact that we can’t workout and will never be fit and healthy again.

  Marlene Chism: Have a Guilt Free Holiday
Holidays and Drama go together. Learn the 5 Levels of the Guilt-trip trap and how to escape!

  Frank Hooks: Kids need Downtime Too!
There is never any down time. There is no time to try something different. There is only the pressure to perform. There is one flaw in everyone's thinking....

  Mimi Donaldson: When a Couple Cannot See Eye to Eye
Check out this scenario - a couple leaving on vacation to the same destination on the same flight... but driving two separate cars. Why? See if you don't see a bit of yourself in this humorous scene.

  Dr. Ray Angelini: Conscious love key to relationships
Conscious love involves a dramatic shift from the conventional notions our culture holds dear regarding love. Conscious love is certainly not for the faint of heart, however....

  Guest Presenter: Are you a Helicopter Parent?
Helicopter parents are those who hover over their children, swooping in to fight their battles and make their decisions for them. ... this may prevent their children from gaining experience in handling life’s challenges.

  Spencer Sherman: How To Get Your Family's Finances in Order Now! For 2009
Our kids inherit more than our eye color and height—they also inherit how we think about money and how we behave with money.
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