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  Judy Martin: Redefining your career, business or personal success in a chaotic world
Thriving is no longer just associated with the pinnacle of financial success, it’s the ability to progress or evolve in other ways.

  Judy Martin: Create the Work You Love
Work should make you feel exalted and satisfied and is an organic evolution of our being. The Job for Life is long gone. Are you ready to discover a new way of work?

  Justine Shelton: Reasons and Remedies for Tight Shoulders: Perhaps your Infraspinatus Muscle is working too Hard
From Deskworkers to Massage Therapists to anyone else who uses their upper body for extended periods of time, learn why your shoulders become tight and sore, and what movements and remedies can make you feel better! Your neck will be happier too! Remember, it's all connected.

  Helice “Sparky” Bridges: Is There More to Life Than Work?
Helice Bridges tells a true-life story that is guaranteed to change your perspective on life and work.

  Dr. Barbara Cox: Long Hours at Work?
Find ways to avoid conflict and stress at work - especially for those who work long hours where tension is high. Join Dr. Barbara Cox as she guides you through active steps you can take right now, at your desk, to reduce stress.

  Tom McCarthy: What is the core emotion in persuasive people?
What trait do great leaders, great sales people have in common?

  Dr. Ray Angelini: Achieving happiness, success as a dual-career couple
I believe that the greatest challenge for most couples has been how to balance the demands of career and relationships in order to achieve a fulfilling and economically viable life.

  Garry Alesio: Why Can't We Easily Relax on Vacation?
While on a vacation, I kept checking my phone messages & emails. There were of course none there but anything was better than stillness.

  Matt Weinstein: Work Like Your Dog
Take a moment to think about how your own dog actually spends his days. Your dog has a pretty good life, and it would be your lucky day if you could work like your dog! Everything is new, everything is exciting, everything is fun to your dog.

  Allison Maslan: Losing Your Job Could Be A Blessing!
What seemingly appears to be a terrible scenario may be the exact jolt you need to take matters into your own hands and become an entrepreneur. Many successful companies launched in a down economy. Since we spend almost 75,000 hours during our working life, shouldn't we love our work?

  Dr. Elizabeth Fried: Are you Needing to be Right?
Series #10 - Needing to have all of the answers comes from not recognizing the difference between thinking with our minds and knowing from our deepest level of our soul.

  Brett Farmiloe: From Accountant to Goat Breeder
Linda Harrison worked 15 years as an accountant before realizing that she wouldn't be happy until she was working outside. So she purchased The Green Pastures goat Farm and has been operating it happily ever since.

  Dr. Joshua C. Klapow: Surviving Your Vacation
The amount of work that many people face after returning from vacation is enough to stop them from ever taking another vacation. But there are ways to avoid this problem.

  Nanice Ellis: Boot Camp: Welcome
Welcome! Boot Camp for Your Life offers you the opportunity to get back in touch with your core dreams and desires and choose the life you have long ago forgotten – in those dreams and desires, life also chooses you.

  Greg Betts: Re-discover your Desire at Work
What do you do when the passion is gone? Greg Betts, Executive Coach, teaches you simple, effective ways to find your passion and power at work - once again.

  Brett Farmiloe: Do You Love your Job?
Pursue the Passion van goes to the streets of Seattle to ask the man/woman on the street - "Do You Love our Job?" What did they say?

  Dr. Elizabeth Fried: Are you Playing it Safe?
Series #8 - Both men and women are limiting self-expression because they tend to hold themselves back in the fear of losing approval of others or that they’ll be leaving others behind.

  Dr. Elizabeth Fried: Are you being Judgmental?
Series #3 - We don’t try things because we don’t want others to judge us as we would judge others. This can paralyze us from moving forward because we want to be perfect.
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