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Your Space

  Amanda Collins: Let's Feng Shui Your Office
If your office environment is not supporting you, you may need a little Feng Shui makeover. Amanda shares 4 things you can do to improve the energy flow in your workspace.

  Michael Bamba and Eric Cuestas-Thompson: What is Feng Shui?
You've heard the word on those Home Makeover Shows, but what does it mean for your home and work space?

  Sally Adams: Bagua Map - #2: Wealth & Prosperity Gua
The Wealth & Prosperity Gua sits at the far left corner of your home as you stand at the entry facing into the house. Find ways to bring abundance into your life through placing certain items in this Gua.

  Sally Adams: The Mouth of Chi
In Feng Shui terms, the approach and entry of a building or home is known as the “mouth of Chi”. Using Feng Shui principles to create a welcoming entry can work like a magnetic charm to attract positive energy and more....

  Michael Bamba and Eric Cuestas-Thompson: The Theory of Feng Shui
Balance the energies in Your Space by placing specific articles in specific places and watch things change!

  Amanda Collins: Feng Shui tips for your home
Where you live and work has an incredible effect on your health and well being. People on average; spend at least 80% of their time indoors. Here are 10 Tips for your home:

  Sally Adams: The "treasure map" of Feng Shui
The Bagua map, sometimes referred to as a "treasure map", is used in Feng Shui as a guide to help you map the energies of your home, business or property.

  Deborah Wilder: What is a Sanctuary?
When you create your home as a sanctuary, it reminds you that you belong to the earth... to the natural rhythms that harmonize our lives.

  Amanda Collins: Get Rid of Clutter in your Office
Clutter can be suffocating. Give yourself space to work and feel your best. Feng Shui Expert, Amanda Collins, shares 3 easy ways to finally get rid of office clutter so you can be more productive!

  Sally Adams: Bagua Map - #1: Health & Family Gua
Ready to Explore the Bagua Map? We begin our journey with the Health & Family Gua located in the left central square of the map as you stand at the entrance facing into the house.

  Michael Bamba and Eric Cuestas-Thompson: The Basics of Feng Shui: Five Elements
Learn how you can bring balance, prosperity and happiness into your life by changing a few key things in your environment.

  Sally Adams: Understanding the Feng Shui Bagua Map
The Bagua Map is an important tool used in the practice of Feng Shui. Ba means eight, and gua translates as “ever changing facets of life”. The Bagua map can be superimposed over any building or landscape to indicate...

  Garry Alesio: Letting Go of Attachments
Recently I tried to gather the courage to let go of all those books but found it a struggle. They had become me and I had become them...

  Deborah Wilder: Create a Quiet Moment in your Day
Can we find peace and quiet in the midst of our hustle-bustle day? With a little fore-thought, we can! Find ways to escape... for a moment or two!

  Elizabeth Harper: You Are the Colors You Choose
We all have our own fashion style, but did you realize your choice of colors may actually reveal more about you than just your tastes or that the colors you wear may even affect your moods?

  Sally Adams: Clearing Clutter
When the spaces we inhabit on a daily basis are overfilled or disorganized, our physical, emotional and mental energy becomes drained and stagnant. Feelings of frustration and fatigue result.